Sunday, February 12, 2006

What Can I Say?

It's been a while since we left St. Lukes's and I realized that I wanted to express to each and everyone of you how much I love and appreciate you for being there for Andrea and our families (Luthringer and Martin)! I then thought, "What Can I possibly say?"

What could I possibly say to communicate the debt we owe so many for caring so deeply that you came and stood by our side and cried with us, talked with us, laughed with us, consoled us, prayed for us, cooked for us and loved us into healing. It is unbelievable how many opened your veins and poured out your blood for Andrea not unlike someone we know who poured out His blood for us. When I think of the sacrifice of time (at least 2 hours a session) to give platelets I am overwhelmed by such blessing. I also want to give special thank-you's to the churches, Kristin, Angela and to the Martins.

May churches know the positive results of their labor as they prayed for Andreas healing. It was the 5th day of chemo when the oncologist approached me with his concern that she may not be tolerating the chemo as at this point at that time he expected to see white cell count around the 10% range. I asked what the range was and he said 37% and we only have two days to go. I called both churches of christ and they lifted simultaneaous prayers on her behalf at 11:00am as well as did the church in Karnes City. The results the next blood test were 0% blast cells. Five days later the doctors call us in for a special meeting and tell us that the Leukemia is back, that they did a blood smear and it showed the return of blasts. We were asked what level of care to keep Andrea. We were told neither St. Lukes nor MD Anderson had programs to extend her for further treatment. This was December 15th and we were devistated. But we told them we wanted to pray about it some more and after Ken Shumate and I cried and prayed a while Kathy and I as well as others prayed all night for Andrea. The next moring the doctors said, "We don't understand it but there is an anomoliy in your Daughter's blood test today and we want to examin it further, don't change your code designation. I stated, "so you don't want me to lower her level of care." No, we don't understand it, it looks like she is in remission. Doctor I understand--- "Prayer got into your way"!

We know He is the One to thank, but Thanks to the churches and the believers who rallied prayer warriors and who prayed for Andrea to return from the brink of death, not once but several times. We were particularly uplifted by local churches such as Cinco Ranch CoC, West Houston CoC, 1st Baptist, 2nd Baptist, St. Peters, Epiphany as well as by many other local and even distant churches including those in Mississippi, Canton, Tyler, Karnes City and just about where ever else our friends attended they placed Andrea on local prayer lists.

I was shocked and pleased when I recently was told by many of my islamic collegues in Indonesian that they too were raising Andrea up in their prayers to Allah. Wow, imagine how the world could look if people prayed for their friends needs. If, "in the best interest of God" we Loved one another as God so loved his church. Wouldn't that equate to peace??????????

Believe as I believe that they worked!!! Also, please know we continue to covet those healing prayers as we look forward to additional treatment.

Kristin, thank you for supporting your sister during her illness. I want the public to know how much you love your sister as you prepare to share your life's marrow with her. There is a deep bond between sisters and yours will become deeper. It is a relief to know that Jimbo is with you, in your new hometown, and holding you close and taking care of you when your Dad's arms aren't there to do it any longer. We also received blessings from Angella and Wes as they opened their home to guest who came by to support Andrea.

We respected and appreciated the Martins because they did a fine job in raising a great young man in J. (John). Our bond was Andrea and J. Now, after our experiences, I especially want to thank John, Betty and Mary for opening their hearts and home and bringing not only Andrea, but both Kathy and I as well as into their family. We are forever indebted, as well as we will forever love you for your sacrifice and demonstration of love. I didn't forget J.

J. has made a place for himself in my heart and all I can say is that I too love the man Andrea has placed in her heart. I have witnessed him grow in personal and spiritual grace and am very proud of the man he is.

All I can say to all of you above is, "Thank you and may God bless you!"



jadyn said...

andrea and j

we are so glad that both of yall are doing better, yall should just enjoy life for a little bit
because yall have been through a bunch the past few months. we are thinking of you.

love jadyn, chasity, jason calvary

annie said...

we wouldnt have it any other way. Andrea has touched my life and been such an inspiration to me. she truly is an amazing person. I love her, and i continue to pray daily. she is always on my mind. i pray that her vision will improve and that she will get past this as soon as possible. thank you for that beautiful entry. it made my day.
love always,

Anonymous said...

The Luthringers and Martins

As we walk down this path of life, there are pebbles and stones and we didn't realize the boulders we would encounter. God has blessed us with the paths around the boulders and given us the strength to continue moving forward. Our thoughts and prayers continue with you and yours and give Andrea our love.

Bob & Cindy Freytag

Anonymous said...

Bob, I cannot imagine the depths of the trials you, and your family, have endured the past months; not to mention Andrea! I have a daughter close to Andrea's age maybe... that is why I feel such a great compassion for her and your family. By reading your comment, I know you realize there has been some good come out of her illness. Look at the amount of people that have come together to pray for her healing. Simply amazing! Personally, God has really opened my heart through Andrea's illness. I have again witnessed the power of prayer; I have felt our Heavenly Fathers presence while praying for Andrea. It has been a blessing and a privilege to be a prayer warrior for her! I will continue to call upon the "Redeemer of Man" for her healing and for continued blessings upon your family.

Your Brother in Christ!

Anonymous said...

For Andrea's continued healing, praise and thanksgiving to God "from Whom ALL blessings flow" & will continue to flow forever and ever! It is so comforting to know in our hearts that He is & always will be "the same yesterday, today & tomorrow" unchanging and "will never leave us alone or forsake us" no matter what -when we call upon His Name. Wow, what a testimony Andrea! Much love to all of you, mB

Anonymous said...

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a personal touching post. I teared up several times. I have worried about you and Kathy many times but I realize now that you were in God's hands (and the Martins and many others) We have prayed for you many times and Southwest C of C in Tigard Oregon has publicly prayed for Andrea many times. WOW ! - the power of prayer. Thank you for your abiding faith and thank you for your parental love. "And the greatest of these is love." I wish I could be there to talk to you and hug you and pray with you but please know that in my heart I am doing those things. I will continue to bring your whole and now larger family before God frequently. Thank you again - it was very moving.

Rick Deuel
Tualatin, Oregon

David Michael said...


Praise God that you were there for Andrea in the most difficult time of her life -- and Kathy too! The love of the Father flows through your father heart! Your example of not giving up is one for all fathers when there is such a crisis. Praise God!!