Monday, August 28, 2006

Free as a Bird

Well, not quite free as a bird, but that is how Andrea felt as she left MD Andreson today. Her blood count numbers looked very good after a week of no additional fluids or medicine. The doctor ordered the CVC line taken out of her chest and it was a very happy day.
Andrea is now scheduled for one day a week at MDA for testing and doctor visits. She takes about 13 pills a day and has to drink liquid all day to keep her body hydrated because of the medicine.
So, with MDA visits minimized, we go to St. Luke's Hospital tomorrow for pre-admission for her 1st of 4 eye surgeries on Tuesday, Sept. 5.
One step at a time, and we thank you so very much for your continued prayers. All you great prayer warriors are getting us through this! We really feel God answering our prayers. Thank you.
Love to all,

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Medal of Honor

The nurses at MDA Ambulatory Treatment Center gave Andrea a medal and a ribbon because her doctor graduated her from this phase of treatment. She passed the test of skipping days of fluids and now they are testing her this whole week without fluids.
We will see the doctor in his regular clinic at MDA on Monday to see if Andrea needs more fluids or if they can take out the CVC line in her chest. That will also be another huge step for Andrea to take.
Next week we will be also working on preadmission to St. Luke's for her Sept. 5 eye surgery. Andrea will not be able to wear her eyeglasses because the refractory will be so different. Please pray for her sight. We know the miracles that can happen.
Thank you for your faithful continued prayers,

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Testing, testing

This Friday is Andrea's "100th day" from bone marrow transplant. The team of experts at MDA are having her skip a day or so of fluids and other meds to see what her system can do on its own. It is very exciting yet tense for us standing by. "All things are possible through prayer".
Even the nurses at MDA have commented on how Andrea's hair is starting to grow. It is about 1/4 inch long now!
Thank you for checking in on Andrea and continuing in prayer.
Love to all,

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Great news

Andrea had a bone marrow biopsy Monday morning. The prelimiary tests came back with Zero Blasts, no leukemia present. Thank you for continuing your prayers and thank you God for answering our prayers!
Andrea went grocery shopping with me today which tired her out (and me!). This humid summer heat is enough to tire any of us..... She is in good spirits and a joy to be around.
She needs lots and lots of prayer for her eyesight.
Love to all,

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Slow and Easy

Andrea received encouragement from her eye specialist on Monday. He said the retinas had unfolded completely now, which means he still wants to go ahead with the first of four operations in September when MDA gives him the okay. He'll take the oil out of the right eye, wait for an 8 week healing process, then remove the cataracts. There'll be another 8 week healing process and do the same on the left eye. Andrea still does not have central vision in her left eye that he does not think she'll recover, but that is where we know great things can happen with the power of your prayers. As many of you know with eye operations, the doctor said 4 operations with a 2 month healing time in between each does seem to draw out the process, but the eyes can't be rushed.
MDA also said Andrea is progressing nicely and she will need to come in on Tuesday and Friday of this coming week for blood draws, fluids and meds. I will give her the fluids at home each day that we are not at MDA.
We have great faith in more healing to come. Thank you for your continued faithful prayers.
Love to all,