Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Bigger Hiccup

With the higher kidney levels, Andrea started feeling more fatigued and nauseous last week; however, her greatest concern was when her left arm went numb. MDA ran an MRI of the brain and a spinal tap with no chemo on Monday. The good news from the spinal tap is that there are no cancer cells, but the MRI showed a new high intensity spot in the medulla of the brain. Basically, the neurologist said Andrea has had too much aggressive chemo which is causing the spot in the brain, numbness in her arm, throwing her kidneys off balance, and giving her massive headaches . We are meeting with a renal nutritionist tomorrow to help her plan a diet to combat all these issues. I think it is safe to say "No More Chemo"!
Let's just say with Andrea being left handed, she can recover from this quickly.
You know what's next.....pray, pray, pray. : )

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One More Diversion

Andrea cannot have the spinal tap this month because her kidney function numbers are not in the normal range and her blood pressure has been a bit high. She feels good, but it is one of those silent obstacles that can be picked up from drawing the blood and monitoring the blood pressure. Her main doctor is setting up an appointment with a kidney specialist so he may have added suggestions other than taking her off as many drugs as they can.
We really appreciate your prayers.