Saturday, September 26, 2009

Healing, but slow

It has been a while since the last posting, but more of the same has been transpiring with doctor visits, dialysis, and TIRR rehabilitation physical and occupational therapy. We are so busy that the weeks fly by quickly.
Andrea is regaining strength but is still frustrated with the numbness in her lips and mouth. Still, she pushes on for healing each day and I am encouraged by her willingness to push forward in the midst of headaches or fatigue.
Thank you for your continued prayers. We think of you daily, too.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Stronger but continued frustration

Andrea is doing well at TIRR and has become strong enough that they arranged for her to try out a motorized wheelchair that also moves into the standing position. She is just now trying it out, so it will be a while before she decides on which one will be the right fit for her.
As she becomes stronger it is just so strange that Andrea's mouth has become numb. The neuro doctor said that even though the MRI showed improvement of the brain scan, the hyperintensity is resting over the sensory part so that would explain the numbness in the mouth and face.
We just keep on praying that this nerve disruption dissapates quickly, and thank you for yours.