Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Very Encouraged

Have you seen the cartoon movie "The Incredibles"? I really liked it because the leading man was a guy named Bob! Also one of the movie's highlights is most people's tortured feelings when it comes to actually using their insurance plans.
Well, we've gone through insurance trials during these past 4 years, but right now all I can say is that Andrea is driving a motorized wheelchair that also goes into a standing position when she wants or needs it to. It gives her independence in her own home, endurance in the standing position, and she can do so many of her physical therapy motions while she is in the wheelchair. She has been very encouraged by this new form of assistance and we are very pleased.
Thank you for your prayers, and please know that we pray for you too.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Responses

This past week the TIRR physcial therapist applied nerve stimulation to Andrea's right leg (which has been pretty much numb) and got some really good response. Since then Andrea has been able to slightly kick it, move and bend it more. yeah! The therapist says it is a good indication that Andrea will be able to walk again.......however, we know that could take a long time. TIRR occupational therapist mainly works on Andrea's right arm and hand which is showing some movement. The speech therapist continues to work on Andrea's muscles in her mouth and speech even though the feeling has not returned.
In the mean time Zeus loves being in his new home and welcomes Smokey (Betty's dog) or Tito (Bob's dog) very often and they all provide plenty of entertainment for the weekends.
Andrea still requires dialysis which makes her fatigued and is a real drag that limits shopping time or going places.
We are still asking prayers for the kidneys to restart and the hypeintensity to go away so the numbness will dissapate in her face and lips.
You all are so kind to read this blog and we think of you all daily because we know you have ups and downs in your lives, too.