Saturday, March 24, 2007

Unique, once again

I have postponed updating the blog until we met with the third eye specialist as we are trying to get Andrea to regain as much sight as possible. The cataract eye doctor referred us to a Texas Children's Hospital eye muscle specialist. He said Andrea's case was quite unique. That is what we have been told by numerous doctors since November 2005! After receiving records from 7 eye surgeries plus the Low Vision Clinic evaluations, next month this new eye doctor wants Andrea to come in for a consultation with 5 other doctors plus "the Chief" in order to assure that she receives the best path forward. I am totally amazed when I go to these specialists and observe what they are doing to help so many people. I had never known there were so many sight impaired little children until I walked into this place. Amazing. My prayer life has certainly grown in this experience. Please keep the prayers coming. Miracles do happen!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

In progress

I'm reminded of the bumper sticker, "Don't give up on me, the Lord isn't finished with me yet".
We had a good report from the Bone and Joint Clinic. Everything was normal on Andrea's soft tissue and muscle MRI. The broken ribs in her back are healing and she no longer has a cold so she does not cough to irritate those bones.
The visit to the Low Vision Clinic was also successful. Andrea got one pair of glasses that she uses to read the computer. The bifocal glasses will not be ready until next week. We just keep praying day by day that the retina swelling continues to go down and her sight improves.
We appreciate the encouragement from every single person. You all are dear to us. Thank you.