Saturday, December 31, 2005

Friday Update 12-30-05

Andrea didn't have such a good day, but is doing better now. She was fine Friday morning and still running a small fever (99-101). Then around 1PM she received dialysis for four hours and after that she went downstairs for a scan. When she got out of the scan she was running a 104 fever and we had to cool her down with ice packs, cooling blankets, and fans. The doctors were concerned that it might be something with her heart but quickly ruled that out. The scan showed no evidence of infection. I stayed with her all night and her temp fell all the way to 100. This morning the doctors said that they are not sure what caused the temp spike, but thought it might be one of the antibiotics that has been known to cause fever. They quickly took her off of the med and she current has a 101 temp with no cooling devices. She has been resting good this morning and says that she is just a little bored. We are going to watch the TCU bowl game today and she is excited about that. Keep praying and we can beat this infection. Happy New Years to everyone and thank you so much for all your support. Andrea loves all of you.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Andrea is strong 12-29-05

Another improving day and Andrea continues to impress everyone with her strength. Early this morning they took her down to the lowest setting on the ventilator and reduced more of her pain meds. If she continues to do well on the ventilator setting she will be taken off and put on oxygen support. That will be a big step for her. She did not get dialysis today, but might receive it tomorrow. She sat up on the side of the bed early in the morning and brushed her own teeth. Then later on in the morning occupational therapy came by and she sat up for ten minutes on her own. They also had her do some more arm and leg exercises that she had no problem doing on her own. Liver and kidney numbers stabilized today so maybe we will start a downward trend and get rid of this infection. She was still running a fever today but was down from yesterday.

Again she continued to talk with her mouth all day today and we could understand every word. We got her some audio books so she could listen to them when no one was allowed in the room. Her spirits are way up and she just wants out as soon as possible. Today was just such a great day for Andrea and she was so much more alive. Her mind is all there and wants to do anything she can to help herself get better. All the support has really helped her get through all this. Just knowing all of you are out there and would do anything. Just keep praying and all of our prayers will be answered. Talk to everyone tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another great day 12-28-05

Today was another great day for Andrea and we all love watching her make improvements. There is still the concern of an infection (she had a temperature today), but other than that we are very excited about her progress. Her liver numbers went back up (we want them to go down) a little, but this could be explained by the infection. I believe that we caught this one in time and she will improve quickly. They removed the catheter for dialysis from her groin today, which was probably the source of the infection. This should turn the liver numbers around quickly if this was the source. Her kidneys are still showing signs of improvement and her blood pressure is great.

Physical therapy came by today and did some exercises with her and she loved it. She sat up on the side of the bed for ten minutes on her own. The therapist was amazed by her strength. She also did arm and leg exercises. We will doing these exercises with her three times a day from now on. She is so happy to be doing exercises so her body doesn't get any weaker. It was so amazing to see her do those things today. She is so strong.

Her family and I have become experts in reading lips and trust me the last few days she has had many things to say. She wants everyone to know that she appreciates all the support. Please keep your prayers coming and we will get her through this terrible disease. If there is anything you would like for me to tell her on your behalf please comment to one of the posts and I will be sure to read it to her. Talk to everyone tomorrow. God Bless.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

St. Lukes Blood Bank

Here a link for information regarding the blood bank at St. Lukes Hospital. If you are interested in donating please contact the blood bank and make an appointment (you won't have to wait). Andrea still needs blood and platelets. Thanks for all the support.

Update for Andrea 12-27-05

Andrea had another great today and continues to improve. Her liver and kidney functions improved for another day and we pray for this to continue. She had a slightly elevated temperature all day and we hope this is not a sign that the infection has returned. All day she was mouthing things to me and I was able to read her lips. She said that she wanted out of the bed and I don't blame her. All day she smiled, kissed, and yawned with her mouth. Toward the end of the afternoon she said that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. We said that would be fine and we quietly let her sleep.

We hope by the end of the week we can get her out of the bed and into a chair for a period of time. Physical therapy came by today and did a little workout with her to stimulate her muscles. She appreciated the workout greatly. They also took her off the 24-7 dialysis machine and pulled all the IVs out of her hands. Now she has the minimal IVs in her groin and chest areas. Her blood pressure has gone up to a normal level without support and they let her breathe primarily on her own for nearly six hours. Overall today was wonderful and we look forward and pray for days like this one.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Prayers or Messages for Andrea

Feel free to post prayers or messages for Andrea as comments to this topic and I will be sure to read them to her daily. She really loves all the support and cares about all of you.

Evening Update 12-26-05

Andrea did really well today and continued to improve. She doesn't have a fever and continues to make small gains with her kidneys. Throughout the day she was more awake than she's been in the last couple of weeks. The doctors have taken her off of some of the sedation meds and she wants out of bed really bad. Tomorrow they are going to take her off of the 24-7 CRRT dialysis machine and let her kidneys try to do some work on their own. Pray for kidneys to work better after she gets off the machine. They will most likely start periodic dialysis the day after tomorrow. Also pray for her liver to continue to improve over the next couple of days. Please feel free to post any comments to these posts or ask any questions and I will try to respond.

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Short Morning Update - 12-26-05

I just spoke with Andrea's Dad on the phone and he said that Andrea has made further improvements over the night. Her liver numbers came down again and one of kidney numbers is back to a normal level. Over the night her blood pressure remained up on her own and they will continue to highly consider taking her off of the 24-7 dialysis. A more detailed update will be posted at the end of the day. Say a prayer for her continued recovery and thank the lord for a great Christmas night.

Christmas 05'

Christmas was a good day for Andrea and she continued to improve. Her fever has been down since yesterday and we are hoping that the fungal infection might have subsided. Her white blood cells (WBC) contined to drop and no blasts are currently in the blood. She was taken off of pressors (raise blood pressure) around noon on Christmas day and has been able to hold her own in that arena (say a prayer for this to remain the case). The kidneys have been able to make a little fluid and we are praying that this continues with an upward trend. Her breathing is great, but the other organs need to come around before they talk about taking her off the respirator. The doctors think they have located the source of the infection, which was removed days ago. This has most likely contributed to the improvements we have seen over the last couple of days. Her eyes look better and better everyday. She even opened her eyes more often today as the doctors took her off the sedation meds and switched her to a different calming drug. Her nurse today encouraged her and made the comment that she might be able to get out of the bed and into a chair if she can get off the 24-hour dialysis.

Today was a really great day and she made some wonderful improvements, but we still have a long road to go. Keep on praying because it continues to work. Put your faith in the Lord and he will take care of Andrea. Remember that Andrea loves all of you and I appreicate everyone's support.

Andrea's blog

Today, I figured that I would start a blog for Andrea to inform all her friends and loved ones how she is down every couple of days. I thought creating a place to talk and pray for Andrea would be great for everyone. Feel free to post messages for Andrea anytime and will be sure to read her your words. She would love to hear from all of you.