Friday, September 19, 2008

3 More To Go

Today the spinal tap with chemo went well so far. Andrea is sleeping through the medication this afternoon. We just pray for no headaches or back pain when she awakes. The advanced practioner nurse was talking to us before the procedure and was surprised/happy when Andrea told him that after today, there are only 3 more scheduled spinal taps. We are all looking to the end of spinal taps and a great new year of 2009 with no more chemo. Her hair has grown back to a "boy cut" length, which I think is cute even though I know she prefers longer hair!
Thanks for checking this site and for your prayers.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Continued progress

Andrea went to her main doctor Thursday with the jab to the arm vein for all the blood tests. Some nurses are just better at jabbing than others. Her "numbers" are looking good now, but she does need to keep more hydrated. She has become conscientious about how many plastic bottles of water she was using and we have been trying out a variety of reuseable plastic bottles while using the filtered water from home. While in hospital beds along with recuperating and watching HGTV does have an affect on your views of a 'green earth'! An outing to a Home and Garden Show in Katy with Carter Oosterhouse, host of 'Red, Hot and Green" was fun this weekend. Reuse and recycle was the theme.
Andrea is feeling better and we appreciate your prayers.