Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swallow Test

The speech therapist is really good and the doctor who did the swallow test gave her the information that she needed to help Andrea's cricopharynx respond properly when swallowing. Betty and I got to observe the x-ray/barium swallow test and it was amazing. I even found out that we have a floating tiny bone in our throats that is held in place with muscles. All of this is such a detailed process, so please continue to pray that what is done will help the neurological condition to heal.

Andrea is really fighting fatigue but we know it is really her body working overtime to heal. We continue to go to many appointments each week, but the one we are anticipating the most this week is the TIRR (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research - the leading in-patient and out-patient hospital for neurological or neuromuscular injuries that Memorial Hermann runs for UT Medical and Baylor College of Medicine). Hopefully (and prayerfully) Andrea will be accepted there as an out-patient.

Thank you for your faithful prayers. We continue to the think of each of you in your daily activities, too.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moving in the Right Direction

Even though Andrea has to have dialysis for a while, J got it set up at home so at least Andrea can be in the comfort of their own home for 4 hours every Tuesday and Saturday. Please continue to pray that the kidneys heal so that she does not need dialysis or a transplant in the future.
There are plenty of other appointments, but the most promising is the speech therapist who is working with Andrea on her swallowing mechanism. Andrea will have a swallow test this Friday, so please pray that she improves enough to eat something. We think of each of you often and hope you are staying cool enough throughout the summer.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mega Appointments

Almost everyday this week Andrea sees several doctors or therapists each day. We count these appointments as blessings because it gets us going early and keeps us moving in the right direction of healing!
I think the most enticing appointment for Andrea is the speech therapist because she gives Andrea all kinds of tastes and stimulation in her mouth to help her learn to swallow without aspiration into the lungs. Again, it is such a fine balance on what and how to do it that it is really amazing to watch and try to help do the same thing at home when we leave.
Please continue to pray for the neurological condition to resolve and for her kidneys to improve so that she does not need dialysis. Twice a week Andrea's blood is drawn to determine if she needs dialysis. We went to MDA this Sunday afternoon and will find out tomorrow if she needs to go for dialysis Monday afternoon.
We do think of you all daily and pray for you too.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Seeking a fine balance

Andrea spent 4 crazy days and 3 crazier nights at the MDA emergency room last week. At least she got home for the July 4 weekend! Her kidneys seem to be rebounding, but not just enough yet to keep her off dialysis totally. So, the kidney doctor was trying some medications that threw her blood levels all off which made her end up in the emergency room. It is so hard to find the fine balance with all the medications. Andrea has been so active, just going to all the different doctors, dialysis and the most promising - her speech therapist who is trying to help her rebuild face, neck and throat muscles to swallow correctly again.
Thank you for your prayers for Andrea's swallowing mechanism and her kidneys. We think of each of you often.