Thursday, July 09, 2009

Seeking a fine balance

Andrea spent 4 crazy days and 3 crazier nights at the MDA emergency room last week. At least she got home for the July 4 weekend! Her kidneys seem to be rebounding, but not just enough yet to keep her off dialysis totally. So, the kidney doctor was trying some medications that threw her blood levels all off which made her end up in the emergency room. It is so hard to find the fine balance with all the medications. Andrea has been so active, just going to all the different doctors, dialysis and the most promising - her speech therapist who is trying to help her rebuild face, neck and throat muscles to swallow correctly again.
Thank you for your prayers for Andrea's swallowing mechanism and her kidneys. We think of each of you often.


Raven said...


You are such an amazing inspiration to everyone. Keep up the progress. I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

I know it can be frustrating. You think it is going good then you back up a bit.. As long as Andrea keeps going forward, Praise be to God!! Chris & Linda Pfeiffer

Anonymous said...

We are so trilled to hear of your improvements, Andrea. You are such a super strong person.

We will certainly continue with our constant prayers for you.

We love you,

Nalda White

Dr Z said...

Andrea it was good to see you 4th of July weekend. We hope you continue to improve your strength. We love you and pray for your kidneys and lungs.
Love Fernando and Jennifer