Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home and Healing

Sorry, blogspot temporarily blocked me out, don't know why, but at last I get to report that Andrea has been home since Friday June 19 and getting better every day. She has a long road to recovery but at least we can help her in the comfort of her and J's home. We have been back to the MDA kidney doctor for a check up and to the speech therapist to help her regain her swallowing ability. We go back to MDA tomorrow to see her primary doctor and to back to the speech/swallowing therapist on Friday. The physical therapist came by the house today to do the assessment and will most likely come to their house twice a week to help her figure out the best exercises to help her regain balance and mobility.
Please keep the prayers going for the neurological condition to improve. Things are looking up for Andrea! Thanks to all of you for your care and concern.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

HOME Wed, Maybe??

Andrea has been improving...and they are thinking of letting her go home on Wednesday June 17, but with so many variables....., we must ask of your prayers for:
her neurological condition to improve,
dialysis to be a non-issue
and overall strength to boost her up and home.
She is doing all that she can do to gather up strength and courage to get out of the bed each day with our help to try to get stronger. She had a visit from her 5 month old nephew, Levi, this weekend which gave her such joy! We pray next posting will be from Home!
Thank you for your continued prayers!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Seeing Progress

Andrea is in a regular 11th floor room (accessible through elevator F for those who can visit) at MDA and is working through "issues" so she can go home again. The first thing she wants to know when waking up is "what are the day's goals and schedule so she can get strong enough to go home again". Dialysis is usually 3 times a week. This past week she had a thoracentesis to pull fluid off around the lung to alleviate pain and let her lung expand again. The side pain did not go away as we had hoped and ultrasound she had yesterday showed an aggreviated gall bladder. The doctors are putting their heads together to proceed on that one, so we will let you know how that turns out.
I told J. today that I have never seen such pain, determination to get better or courage as I have from Andrea. I also have never seen such love, coaching or support as the Martin family are to Andrea.
We thank God for such supporters as yourself to read this blog, pray for Andrea and want you to know that we pray for your needs each day too.