Thursday, May 28, 2009

Out of ICU!

Andrea left ICU about 7 p.m. last night. It was good to sleep in a quieter room on the 11th floor without hearing all the alarms beeping from other rooms. Many nurses came by as she was coming in to say "you go, Andrea, we are here to help you get back home". That was just so supportive of them to do that! She is also getting her trache adjusted tomorrow so that it should be easier for her talk, and for us to understand. Today Andrea was already sitting in the neuro chair and sitting up on the side of the bed with the help of the physical therapist. Every bone and muscle of her body aches, but she is limiting pain meds so she can move about and get going again.
Thank you for your prayers. As our regular doctor was leaving rounds this a.m., Charley, a pastor from Second Baptist came in and led a powerful, thankful prayer for Andrea leaving ICU and improving. It was perfect timing as all of your visits are just when Andrea needs a boost. You must know too, that we do feel YOUR prayers from wherever you are. We thank God for you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Talk of leaving ICU

Progress has been slow, but steady. Andrea has been in a chair, sitting up and trying to communicate as best as she can with a trache. I have to admit it is hard to try to read her lips because everyone knows how Andrea like to talk, and she goes too fast for us sometimes. They will change the trache to one that is easier for her to talk, and we are just waiting for them to do that, and then maybe they will release her to a regular room so we can get physical therapy and get back home. That week home was just soooo good, and Andrea wants to be there so much.
Thank you for your faithful prayers. They really, really do mean so much to Andrea and us, too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let the Healing Begin - Again

Andrea had a trache put in her throat Monday night. She passed her breathing test this morning and they took her off the ventilator and is on a low level of oxygen. She is much more awake and we are all looking forward to get out of ICU now. Again, she has amazed some doctors who have not seen her before.
Thank you for your faithful prayers. I read the blog notes, cards and letters to her and she is so appreciative.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Path Forward

After several days on the breathing ventilator and medicines, Andrea's lungs have cleared except for the left bottom lung that was not crystal clear the last time doctors declared her "clear". She is also breathing more on her own, has been weaned off the pain meds and is awake more during the day.
The doctors plan to put in a trache early this week to prevent Andrea from aspirating and getting pneumonia all over again. The trache will need to stay in several months to allow time for the neurological condition to continue to improve. We were seeing signs of improvement when this second round of aspiration pneumonia set in.
It was wonderful that Andrea was honored as the Shining Star recipient at The American Cancer Society Gala last Saturday night. Lindsey did a great job speaking on her behalf. Thanks, Lindsey!
As always, thank you for your prayers.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Broncoscopy and Breathing Ventilator

Andrea said she was "exhausted" from her breathing rate and how hard it is to breathe from having pneumonia. This morning her heart showed slight stress, so the doctors decided to put her on a breathing ventilator and that also gave them the opportunity to do a broncoscopy and find out if they could give her more specific antiobiotics to kick the pneumonia.

Some of her other blood numbers improved since yesterday, so we are still hopeful that she will continue getting better day by day.

Andrea needs your continued support and faithful prayers.

Friday, May 08, 2009

No broncoscopy for now

Once Andrea got to ICU, they found a urinary infection and started her on a wide range of antibiotics which could clear the lungs, too. So, one step at a time ....... and as frustratingly slow that is for her, they are monitoring her closely and could decide to do something else at any time. Please pray for clear lungs, eradication of the infection they found, but most of all for the neurological condition to heal completely. Thanks so much.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Please Pray Tonight

Please pray tonight for Andrea's lungs. She was admitted to ICU earlier due to the pneumonia in her lungs. This afternoon she was short of breath and very uncomfortable. Her doctor decided it would be best to monitor her all night in ICU. They are planning to perform a broncoscopy tomorrow under close supervision. This will give the doctors the information needed to treat her lungs and the ability to remove some of the junk in her lungs. Thanks in advance for all the prayers.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Nice try, but after one week at home, Andrea was remitted at her one week check up Monday because of a low grade fever and really bad pain on her right side abodmen. She told them while in the hospital last week of the pain but after CT scans, they could "see" nothing, so they allowed her to go home on a reduced scale of antibioitcs and so now they figure something is brewing and they need to find out what that something is.......
Well, home was just toooo gooood, so we need to figure out what this something is so we can get back there by the weekend.
Please know that we continue to think of you and your family as we go through this latest trial.