Friday, May 08, 2009

No broncoscopy for now

Once Andrea got to ICU, they found a urinary infection and started her on a wide range of antibiotics which could clear the lungs, too. So, one step at a time ....... and as frustratingly slow that is for her, they are monitoring her closely and could decide to do something else at any time. Please pray for clear lungs, eradication of the infection they found, but most of all for the neurological condition to heal completely. Thanks so much.


Carolyn said...

Hi Andrea,
I know that God will continue to watch over you, and that there are so many prayers coming your way. God has given you great strength and perserverence, and I am totally overwhelmed by that. You are like the little "Ever-ready bunny", you just keep going and going. I just pray that the "going" gets easier and easier for you.
Love, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Andrea, it is my prayer for you to feel better and to be back at home ASAP. I am praying for cleared lungs, the infection to be eliminated from your body, and for the neurological condition to heal completely, in the precious name of Jesus. You are so precious as you continue to rely on your strength that comes from above! Love, mByr

Erin Hall said...

Continued thoughts and prayers are with you!