Saturday, November 25, 2006

Feeling Blessed

Andrea was thrilled to attend her cousin's wedding with J. recently. It feels so good to plan to go somewhere else other than the hospital!

Feeling Better

Andrea was feeling better in October and went to the Grand Canyon to cheer on her PiPhi sister, Brooke (far right) who Hiked for a Cure.
Thank you, Brooke, for all you've done this year!
Lisa is in the middle and works for the Leukemia Society to set up these much needed events.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Closer to Normal

Thursday, Nov. 16, Andrea went through blood and bone marrow biopsy tests as part of the 6 month tests from the bone marrow transplant in May. She continues to be the doctor's "prize patient". He took her off all drugs so she now takes vitamins and eye drops. It will be a while before tests are back from the biopsy, but from all other indicators, the doctor expects those to have great results. He gave her the okay to eat whatever she wants. Andrea says since she hasn't had a salad since April, that's what she want to eat for the next 6 months!

Please continue to pray that her retinas in her eyes heal as quickly as her body has. She needs at least one more cataract surgery in her left eye, which should be in the next month or so. She asks for prayers for "sight to drive again".

We give Prayers of Thanksgiving for all of you, and all praise to God.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tuesday, 11-7-06 Surgery

Andrea had left eye surgery Tuesday and the doctor did everything he planned to. He peeled a membrane in the back of the eye that had scar tissue on it, cleaned the vitreous (jellylike fluid in the eye), took the oil out of the eye and gave her a steriod shot in the eye in hopes of easing the swelling behind the retina. There is scarring that he cannot remove. She could see 20/200 when he removed the eye patch on Wednesday, and we do not know if it will be correctable because of the scarring. Prayers of healing and time will tell.
Andrea is looking forward to the cataract surgery in the left eye, which may be sometime in December.
Thank you for your continued concern and prayers. You are wonderful and so uplifting to us.
Love to all,

Friday, November 03, 2006


At the 3 week check up of Andrea's cataract surgery, the best corrected vision check was 20/80 in her right eye, which was worse than the day after surgery. This disappointed us even though we know the retina can be very tricky and takes time to heal. This event reminds us that this is a healing process with ups and downs. Patience and perserverence is necessary to endure. We are blessed that all of your and our belief and prayers are sustaining truths that allow us to look forward with hope.

Tuesday Nov. 7 Andrea is scheduled to have the oil removed from her left eye. She will need to heal several weeks before having cataract surgery for that eye.

Your prayers are still crucial for Andrea's sight. Many of you share your health-related stories with us and we are praying for you too. With the ups and downs of daily living, we are blessed to be here for one another.
Love to all,