Friday, November 03, 2006


At the 3 week check up of Andrea's cataract surgery, the best corrected vision check was 20/80 in her right eye, which was worse than the day after surgery. This disappointed us even though we know the retina can be very tricky and takes time to heal. This event reminds us that this is a healing process with ups and downs. Patience and perserverence is necessary to endure. We are blessed that all of your and our belief and prayers are sustaining truths that allow us to look forward with hope.

Tuesday Nov. 7 Andrea is scheduled to have the oil removed from her left eye. She will need to heal several weeks before having cataract surgery for that eye.

Your prayers are still crucial for Andrea's sight. Many of you share your health-related stories with us and we are praying for you too. With the ups and downs of daily living, we are blessed to be here for one another.
Love to all,


carolyn frazier said...

Dear Andrea,

It definitely is an up and down journey. I pray daily for your eyes and your sight. I know what a strong person you are.

I just had my cornea transplant about three weeks ago, and my vision is worse than it was before. My doctor thinks that it is due to some bleeding that occurred during surgery. She doesn't know for sure, because she can't really see it but, just from her experience, she thinks the blood has pooled up in the back of my eye, and that my body will eventually absorb it and hopefully my vision will return to at least what it was beforehand. So, you just never know. It could just take some time. I never thought that my least favorite test to take would be an eye test. I dread them.

I have a little prayer booklet I am going to send you. My very best friend all the way back from college knows about you, and she sent me two of the books, one for me and one to pass on to you. Her name is Molly, and she has a daughter a little younger than you and Annie. Her name is Rachel, and she is suffering from a a form of crippling rheumatoid arthritis. Anyway, I used the book a lot this weekend before my cancer checkup, which ended up being just fine. I'll call your mom and get your address and send it to you.

I'm going on way too long. I'm thinking and praying always for you and your family.



Amanda Bishop said...

Andrea and Family... I just wanted you all to know that I am continuing to pray for Andrea's sight and her over all well being. I wanted to ask a favor that you pray for my friend....I have a friend who has been struck with Bells Palsy, a temporary but awful condition where 1/2 of the face becomes paralyzed for an unknown period of time. It can last weeks or sometimes months. It is caused by a virus that infects the 7th cranial nerve, inflaming it, therefore damaging it, therefore paralyzing one side of the face. It affects eating,drinking, smiling, laughing, any gesture you make and worse of all it affects the eye closing. If you could think of my friend in your prayers I know the recovery will come quickly. Thank you, God bless, and hang in there.


Stay strong.. I hope you are well.

Pfeiffer Pfamily said...

I would be poorly the one to say "I know" or "I understand".. Because I do not. You and your family have shown us patience, courage, no placing the blame, faith in the Lord to deliver you from this situation. We praise the Lord for your example, it lowers our situation to a more managable level however to your cost is our gain. We continue to pray for your healing that you suffer no more. I see the progress you are making and know that you see hope and love. Love Chris & Linda