Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good Things Happening!

We have had such wonderful support from friends and family. We simply could not have made it this far without your prayers.
Now I have exciting news - Linda Jarnagin, (Taylor High School classmate of Andrea, Ryan Jarnagin's MOM)is in training to run a half marathon in January 2007 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of Andrea. This is Linda's website: www.active.com/donate/tnttxgc/tnttxgcLJarnag
The Leukemia Society is wonderful and is all about helping those with the disease and providing research to cure it. If you can, please help us support Linda in her marathon.
Our doctor at MDA is wonderful. He has been there a long time and we have a suspicion he could retire, but he doesn't because we feel he knows with more research just one more life could be saved. We are sure glad he stuck around for Andrea! When Andrea wrote and read him her poem on her 100th day after bone marrow transplant and exit from the Ambulatory Transplant Clinic, he said, "Andrea, you are our prize patient". He saw what condition she entered MDA, and is so very pleased about the progress she has made and where she is right now in healing.
When we went to MDA Monday, Andrea was dismissed from her Prograf pills which suppresses the immune system for the transplant to "take". The doctor was able to do this since Andrea is not showing any signs of rejecting her sister's bone marrow. She got her flu shot and is also gaining weight. These are such positive steps in her recovery.
Your prayers are working, God is listening. Please keep them going!
Love to all,


Anonymous said...

Kathy- It was so good to see you at the wedding. So thankful that Andrea is continuing to make wonderful progress. I loved the story about your shopping trip to the hardware store. Praise God that her sight is returning. We pray for your precious family always. Love you!
Sam, Tracey and Vanessa

Pfeiffer Pfamily said...

Glad to hear good news. We just know Andrea will keep plugging along. We too are glad the doctor stayed the course and of course stays the course.... Chris

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear of your good news. It was so great to see you at Elin's birthday party; you looked great. Take care, sweetie!

Carolyn Frazier said...

Hi Andrea,

I just feel so good about how things are going. They are definitely going in the right direction, and you are such a huge beacon of light to all of us. My prayers continue to come your way. Love you,


Anonymous said...

Kathy, my family and I will not stop praying until Andrea is healed completely. Thanks for sharing the news of God's grace.

Your Brother in Christ!