Monday, October 02, 2006

Sooner rather than Later!

We went to the cataract specialist Friday, Sept 29 and he wants to remove the cataracts from Andrea's right eye on Wednesday, Oct 11, but we needed to get approval from the retina specialist. Today (Monday Oct. 2), the retina specialist did a sonogram of her eye and he said it would be okay to go ahead with the Oct. 11 cataract remvoval. The cataracts have gotten so bad that Andrea cannot see anything out of it. Other than the sonogram image, the doctors cannot see in to know what is going on throughout her eye.
We are asking again for your faithful prayers for Andrea to see. Her positive spirit amazes me as she relies on God to get her through this. She was really happy to be getting this surgery 5 weeks after the oil was removed, rather than waiting the full 8 weeks for healing.
Love to all,


jadyn said...

andrea our prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see what amazing things God has done today! We will be praying for the Oct. 11 surgery to be more than successful, that the doctors will have skill beyond their earthly training, and that God's peace and faithfulness will continue to sustain and uphold our beautiful friends! Love to all, Doug and Gay

Anonymous said...

God's continued blessings upon you Andrea throughout the upcoming surgery. mByr

Carolyn Frazier said...

Dear Andrea,

I'm so glad you are having the cataract surgery sooner than later. I know it will turn out fine when you get new lenses. I will be thinking about you that day even more, and saying my prayers for your vision.



Anonymous said...

Andrea, I have no doubt that soon you will see again. Our God is good!

Your Brother in Christ!

Erin Rucker said...

October 11th!!! We are having surgery on the same day!!! How crazy is that? We will have to be with each other in spirit in our different hospitals 400 miles away. I love you so much.