Friday, November 20, 2009

Close Call but Okay!

The infection in Andrea's lungs is causing her oxygen levels to go down. Her doctor wanted to admit her into MDA from the emergency room, but Andrea convinced him to give her the medicine she needed and send her home because she likes the care she receives at home over the masses of nurses and doctors as in-patient who may have the flu. Her doctor reluctantly agreed, and the pulmonary doctor saw to it that she got an oxygen bottle to use at home should she need it again. So, with new medicine and as-needed oxygen, Andrea is up and trying to get better again. She is also receiving dialysis 3 times a week now which should help clear the lungs.
Your faithful prayers are soooo much appreciated.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Emergency Room

EMS took Andrea to the MDA Emergency Room last night because her oxygen levels kept dropping to an unsafe level. As soon as Andrea got oxygen from the EMS, she was okay, so hopefully she can get oxygen to bring home today and not have to be admitted.
Please pray.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Identified Secondary Infection

We got a call from MDA today that there is an infection in Andrea's lungs. Right now they are trying to see if they can send the medicine home or if she will have to go back into the hospital. For those of you who have been to Andrea and J's house, you know home is a better hospital than MDA, so it is just a question of getting the right medicine to treat the infection.
Please continue your steadfast and immediate prayers and remember that we pray for you all too.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hanging in There

Andrea is enjoying the new wheelchair and the ability to stand up in it every day. I had to excuse myself as a "student driver" when trying to manuever tight spots at MD Anderson and that way I get to laugh at myself and everyone else can laugh too.
The doctors had Andrea take an MRI of the abodmen this past week hoping to find an infection that is causing her white blood cells to be elevated. They didn't find anything amiss. However, they do know there is an infection somewhere, but no fever, which is frustrating because it is hard to treat. Broad range antibiotics have such a hard affect on the liver and kidneys. Andrea was especially sad to miss one of her best friend's wedding because of this latest pesky problem.
Please pray for this nerve disruption to pass and the infection to be resolved.
We think of you all each day in our prayers.