Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Identified Secondary Infection

We got a call from MDA today that there is an infection in Andrea's lungs. Right now they are trying to see if they can send the medicine home or if she will have to go back into the hospital. For those of you who have been to Andrea and J's house, you know home is a better hospital than MDA, so it is just a question of getting the right medicine to treat the infection.
Please continue your steadfast and immediate prayers and remember that we pray for you all too.


Leighton said...

Hang in there Powderhorn Martin. I am coming to see you the first weekend of Dec!!!
Love you,

Rick Deuel said...

As we all know, nothing beats the love of Jesus!. But Kathy, your love is 2nd in my book. I am constantly amazed at your resilience, faith, hope, trust, concern, and dedication. I know I am speaking of a mother's love but yours is truly amazing. When a normal person would be exhausted and numb, you are always right there for the day, for the battle, for the work, for the help, and for the love. Thank you for being such a great model and example. I marvel at you! Kiss Andrea on the cheek for me even though she has only met me once. I commit to being a better prayer warrior because of you.
Thank and and I love you.
Rick Deuel

Anonymous said...

Andrea and all your loved ones...hang in there! We join everyone in praying that you will beat this quickly--and at HOME! This is just the annual "Thanksgiving" hurdle and will soon be over. One of these years you will get to actually enjoy the holiday. Meanwhile, you are never far from our thoughts or out of our prayers. Love, Vicki, John and family