Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hanging in There

Andrea is enjoying the new wheelchair and the ability to stand up in it every day. I had to excuse myself as a "student driver" when trying to manuever tight spots at MD Anderson and that way I get to laugh at myself and everyone else can laugh too.
The doctors had Andrea take an MRI of the abodmen this past week hoping to find an infection that is causing her white blood cells to be elevated. They didn't find anything amiss. However, they do know there is an infection somewhere, but no fever, which is frustrating because it is hard to treat. Broad range antibiotics have such a hard affect on the liver and kidneys. Andrea was especially sad to miss one of her best friend's wedding because of this latest pesky problem.
Please pray for this nerve disruption to pass and the infection to be resolved.
We think of you all each day in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for you many times a day.

We are trilled to hear that the new wheelchair is working out and that gives YOU more freedom and control!!!!

Continue to "Hang in There" and know that we love you.


Carolyn said...

Hi Andrea,

Would have loved to see you in that new wheelchair "dancing" in the wedding. I know you would have been out there. We missed you. I continue my prayers for you and your complete recovery. And blast that infection.....I hope it goes away very soon.

Love you sweet girl,


Enjoyed seeing your Mom and Dad the other night.

Anonymous said...

I continue praying for you and for you doctors. I am so glad to know that you have mobility that provides you more freedom of movement and exercise. Know that I will keep praying for your complete recovery, stay strong. Love, mByr

Anonymous said...

With thanksgiving upon us in a little more than a week, we must express to all of you haow thankful we are for you--for your faith in God, your willingness to share that faith, the example you give to all--and just thankful for your life!! We have you in our prayers and believe that our God hears, loves, cares, and heals!! Please share a hug with each other for us--and enjoy the day that the Lord has made!! Loving you--Gay Doug

Shelia Calvary said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Jason had a wonderful time hunting with J.
Love You

Anonymous said...

Hang in there sweet girl! I miss you & we did a lil gig for you at the wedding! Oh, and Elin did some breakdancing moves for you too!

I love you! Katie Cow!