Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Very Encouraged

Have you seen the cartoon movie "The Incredibles"? I really liked it because the leading man was a guy named Bob! Also one of the movie's highlights is most people's tortured feelings when it comes to actually using their insurance plans.
Well, we've gone through insurance trials during these past 4 years, but right now all I can say is that Andrea is driving a motorized wheelchair that also goes into a standing position when she wants or needs it to. It gives her independence in her own home, endurance in the standing position, and she can do so many of her physical therapy motions while she is in the wheelchair. She has been very encouraged by this new form of assistance and we are very pleased.
Thank you for your prayers, and please know that we pray for you too.


Anonymous said...

that is awesome!

Anonymous said...

WOW......fantastic!!!!! We are so thankful to our heavenly father!!! Know that we continue to pray many times a day without ceasing for Andrea and all of her care takers, family and physicians! You are all such an inspiration to us.

We love you,


Anonymous said...

Kathy, thank you for the post! Andrea, great news about the wheelchair. I pray for you everyday! May God Bless YOU!

Your Brother in Christ!

David Michael said...

TCU is playing on TV right now and I thought about the #1 Fighting Horned Frog of all time!!! It is good to read of Andrea's improvement. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers!


David and Phyllis

Thailand Tracey said...

Awesome...I just have to say it again, Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

not a day goes by but your names are lifted to our Father. He continues to be faithful and we pray He will continue to lift each of you up every day!! We know the wheelchair brings many delights--and we join you in those. Of course, we love to hear about progress!! Keep going!! We will keep you close in our hearts and prayers! Love to you all --Doug & Gay

Carolyn said...

Hi Andrea,

Continuing my prayers for you. I think you are making such progress, and doing such a wonderful job at it. Hope to see you soon. Take care, and keep up the progress.

Love, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

I took care of Andrea at St Lukes when she first became ill. I never forgot her or your family. She will forever be in my prayers. I have since then gotten married and just had my first child. I came across this blog and didn't realize just how much time has passed. The love you feel for your child is truly amazing. May God's love continue to surround your entire family. May our Jehovah Jireh continue to provide for Andrea. May our Jehova Rappha continue to heal Andrea. Your entire family and Andrea will continue to be in my prayers.

Erin Hall said...

Awesomoe news!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy - I live in Belgium now but will be in houston over Christmas and would love to visit Andrea (if she enjoys and can have visitors). I don't know how to get ahold of you other than through here. Can you email me at your email address?
Thank you and God Bless.
Jenna (Graham) Shaw

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Kathy - Thanks for the updates. Thinking of you all and hoping that you have a good weekend full of improvements! Please give Andrea a hug and kiss from me.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

wow... I just happened to stumble on this blog. I knew Andrea many years ago, jr high -ACU church camp! I am so happy to hear of her improvements... I will pray daily for continued healing. It looks like she has touched so many with her strength!! God bless yall!

Erinn (Farley) Brown