Monday, December 15, 2008

More Tests

Last Friday Andrea's neurology doctor at MDA printed out some MRIs for us to see how the this "chemo effect" is changing and evolving. He said it may take 18 months for it to diffuse. He also stressed again the importance of nutrition - we are what we eat! Right now the main issues they are trying to help her with are daily fatigue, headaches and shooting pains.

As we pray for each of you in your daily lives, Andrea is encouraged so much from your prayers.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Getting worse before getting better

Even though the numbness in the arm subsided a bit, Andrea is experiencing the stinging/prickly feeling in her cheeks and a stiff neck. The preliminary report on the MRI tonight was okay.
The brain doctor suggested foods to help re-build the nerve damage from the chemo. The headaches come and go often. Since she no longer takes steriods, the fatigue forces her to take naps. She is so good at doing everything in her power to get better.
As usual, we ask for your prayers.