Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tuesday, 11-7-06 Surgery

Andrea had left eye surgery Tuesday and the doctor did everything he planned to. He peeled a membrane in the back of the eye that had scar tissue on it, cleaned the vitreous (jellylike fluid in the eye), took the oil out of the eye and gave her a steriod shot in the eye in hopes of easing the swelling behind the retina. There is scarring that he cannot remove. She could see 20/200 when he removed the eye patch on Wednesday, and we do not know if it will be correctable because of the scarring. Prayers of healing and time will tell.
Andrea is looking forward to the cataract surgery in the left eye, which may be sometime in December.
Thank you for your continued concern and prayers. You are wonderful and so uplifting to us.
Love to all,


jadyn said...


we are praying for you, hope every thing turns out alright with eyesight.

chasity, jena, jadyn, jason calvary

roll tide

Anonymous said...

We are still thinking about you. Keep smiling that pretty smile. Hope to see you soon!



God is Good and you are progressing well. I know at times it must seem slow to you, but God has brought your "THROUGH" so very much. I have faith that your eyesight will be fully restored!!!
We continue to pray DAILY for you!!

Peggy Walls said...

Andrea, We think of you daily and hope to see you soon. Maybe we can make our way out to Texas before next summer. Keep the good news posted.
Love, J.'s Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

"For Nothing is impossible with God"!
Continuing in prayer for God's love to lift you higher and higher as you undergo treatment for full return of your eyesight.
Love, mByr

Anonymous said...

So much to be thankful for...
What a year this has been for you all! Just want you to know that we pray daily a prayer of thanksgiving for healing and for the blessing of friendship with your precious family.We'll continue to pray that God will heal Andrea completely. Thanks for allowing us to share this journey with you. Love you!
Sam, Tracey and Vanessa

Janet Holley said...

Great news and I also pray for complete healing of your eyes. Hope to see you soon. Sending prayer and love from Corinth.