Sunday, May 17, 2009

Path Forward

After several days on the breathing ventilator and medicines, Andrea's lungs have cleared except for the left bottom lung that was not crystal clear the last time doctors declared her "clear". She is also breathing more on her own, has been weaned off the pain meds and is awake more during the day.
The doctors plan to put in a trache early this week to prevent Andrea from aspirating and getting pneumonia all over again. The trache will need to stay in several months to allow time for the neurological condition to continue to improve. We were seeing signs of improvement when this second round of aspiration pneumonia set in.
It was wonderful that Andrea was honored as the Shining Star recipient at The American Cancer Society Gala last Saturday night. Lindsey did a great job speaking on her behalf. Thanks, Lindsey!
As always, thank you for your prayers.


Kelly Maeker said...

We think of you everyday and will continue to pray for good news.

Anonymous said...

How encouraging it is to hear that there has been improvement! We have been praying for Andrea ( & all) and we have prayer-warriors joining us in your behalf. The recent and welcome rain that came this week-end just reminds us that God cares about every detail in His creation and certainly has us in His hands!! He knows your name and cares deeply for you--He is with you in these battles, and you are NOT alone. How we care for you all and we send our deep love to you. We will continue to check the blog for continued improvement and pray each day is better than the one before!! Much love, Doug and Gay

Carolyn said...

Hi Andrea,

So glad to hear about the clearing in the lungs. I pray daily for the neurological condition to just go away, and I know it will.

The American Cancer Society got it right about their award recipient. You are a truly a Shining Star.

Praying hard and sending lots of love your way.