Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Nice try, but after one week at home, Andrea was remitted at her one week check up Monday because of a low grade fever and really bad pain on her right side abodmen. She told them while in the hospital last week of the pain but after CT scans, they could "see" nothing, so they allowed her to go home on a reduced scale of antibioitcs and so now they figure something is brewing and they need to find out what that something is.......
Well, home was just toooo gooood, so we need to figure out what this something is so we can get back there by the weekend.
Please know that we continue to think of you and your family as we go through this latest trial.


carolyn said...

Hi Andrea,
Home will always be there, and at some point, you will always be at your home. Get well so you can go back.
Love, prayers, and hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I know I have told you over and over that I am praying for you... and I am. It is my very best gift to you. I will seek our Father without waiver until you are healed.

Your Brother in Christ!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, As always, you are in our prayers. We will be praying for your quick recovery and to be back home very soon. Love, Katrina, Kristin and Art Henderson

Casey said...

Let Andrea know that the Pickers are praying for her recovery. We love you all!


Terri said...

We are thinking of you and praying for you fervently.

Love, Terri and Tim