Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swallow Test

The speech therapist is really good and the doctor who did the swallow test gave her the information that she needed to help Andrea's cricopharynx respond properly when swallowing. Betty and I got to observe the x-ray/barium swallow test and it was amazing. I even found out that we have a floating tiny bone in our throats that is held in place with muscles. All of this is such a detailed process, so please continue to pray that what is done will help the neurological condition to heal.

Andrea is really fighting fatigue but we know it is really her body working overtime to heal. We continue to go to many appointments each week, but the one we are anticipating the most this week is the TIRR (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research - the leading in-patient and out-patient hospital for neurological or neuromuscular injuries that Memorial Hermann runs for UT Medical and Baylor College of Medicine). Hopefully (and prayerfully) Andrea will be accepted there as an out-patient.

Thank you for your faithful prayers. We continue to the think of each of you in your daily activities, too.


Thailand Tracey said...

Can't imagine why they wouldn't accept her! You're all always in our prayers.
Much love,
Tracey and Sam

Vlvtelvs said...

Hey there! You have been in my thoughts very much this past week. I thought about how fortunate you are to have such a wonderful loving and supporting family, and a faithful group of us who check on the blog to share in both good news and bad. We are all here for you and continue to pray for your health and recovery.

I've got my fingers crossed for TIRR --- they do great work over there.

Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

We are still following your progress andrea --- you are amazing. Hang in there and we will keep the prayers going....

Sandra and Amanda

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea! We continue to pray for your speedy recovery and think of you often.

God bless and happy 2 year anniversary (couple days belated) to you and J!
Jenna (Graham) Shaw

Anonymous said...

Andrea, still lifting you up in prayer.

Your Brother in Christ!!

Anonymous said...

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