Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Update for Andrea 12-27-05

Andrea had another great today and continues to improve. Her liver and kidney functions improved for another day and we pray for this to continue. She had a slightly elevated temperature all day and we hope this is not a sign that the infection has returned. All day she was mouthing things to me and I was able to read her lips. She said that she wanted out of the bed and I don't blame her. All day she smiled, kissed, and yawned with her mouth. Toward the end of the afternoon she said that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. We said that would be fine and we quietly let her sleep.

We hope by the end of the week we can get her out of the bed and into a chair for a period of time. Physical therapy came by today and did a little workout with her to stimulate her muscles. She appreciated the workout greatly. They also took her off the 24-7 dialysis machine and pulled all the IVs out of her hands. Now she has the minimal IVs in her groin and chest areas. Her blood pressure has gone up to a normal level without support and they let her breathe primarily on her own for nearly six hours. Overall today was wonderful and we look forward and pray for days like this one.


Terri Reed said...


Praise God for Andrea's improvement:) I was so excited when I came back to work today after being off and heard about all of the progress she has made. I know the Dr.'s are amazed and of course they are, our prayers are working! This blog is an awesome way to keep everyone who cares about Andrea updated, thank you for that. You are a precious couple, you both continue to be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

God is SOOOO BIG! He is doing miracles constantly! We are so thankful for all of Andrea'a progress and continue to pray!You all are in our prayers as I know how hard it is to watch someone you love suffer! We are praying that He contiues to do a mighty work to return Andrea to the fullness of all God intends her to be! I believe He is going to use her story of healing to do amazing things!
In Him
Carrie Mashburn

Anonymous said...

hooray! what wonderful news. It's good to know that she continues to improve daily. What a wonderful God we have.

Love and kisses to all.

Susan and Mom