Saturday, December 31, 2005

Friday Update 12-30-05

Andrea didn't have such a good day, but is doing better now. She was fine Friday morning and still running a small fever (99-101). Then around 1PM she received dialysis for four hours and after that she went downstairs for a scan. When she got out of the scan she was running a 104 fever and we had to cool her down with ice packs, cooling blankets, and fans. The doctors were concerned that it might be something with her heart but quickly ruled that out. The scan showed no evidence of infection. I stayed with her all night and her temp fell all the way to 100. This morning the doctors said that they are not sure what caused the temp spike, but thought it might be one of the antibiotics that has been known to cause fever. They quickly took her off of the med and she current has a 101 temp with no cooling devices. She has been resting good this morning and says that she is just a little bored. We are going to watch the TCU bowl game today and she is excited about that. Keep praying and we can beat this infection. Happy New Years to everyone and thank you so much for all your support. Andrea loves all of you.


Anonymous said...

Still praying and loving her. Happy New Year filled with miracles.

Susan Kainer said...

Been praying for you! I know you can beat this and you will!! Have a blessed New Year and hang in there.


Kelly Kievit said...

Happy New Year's Andrea and J! I'm so happy to see Andrea's continued improvement. Thinking of you,

PS... way to go TCU!

Anonymous said...

it is so great that you made this site for Andrea. It means so much to all of her friends here in Austin. Please let her know that everyone here is praying for her, and we are so proud of her. Praying for that little girl is the least that we can do for her!

Anonymous said...

We're coming to visit, even if just to waive and throw kisses.


Susan and Denise

Anonymous said...

from Sherry Duhon

Andrea get well soon. I am mad at you. I have to go to Phoenix by myself. I am praying for you everyday. Love you

Anonymous said...

Doug and Gay Young and Rodney and Lawanna Lloyd in San Antonio/Boerne have lots of people here joining us in fervent prayer for Andrea!!! God is faithful. We pray for wisdom for the doctors, those at her side, and strength and healing for sweet Andrea. We love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I sure hope you get this...I've never left a comment on a blog before! We're so happy to hear about all your recent accomplishments...sitting up, brushing your teeth, talking...Yeah for you!!! That's the best news we've heard in a long time. We praise God for answered prayer and will continue to pray for your complete healing.Loved seeing the pictures of your trip to New Zealand and couldn't help but celebrate your wonderful zest for life as we viewed the bungee jumping snapshot...What a brave one you are! All our love to you and your precious family. Tracey, Sam, and Vanessa Hoskin

Mohan Mahesan said...

I just came across this BLOG. OK. I will start praying for Andrea (I'm a Christian). It will be nice to know the what really happened. But on the other hand it does not matter. I am Originally from Sri Lanka but now live in Brighton, UK (South Coast).
God Bless,
Proverbs 4:20

Mohan Mahesan said...
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