Saturday, February 16, 2008

Second successful chemo/spinal tap

Thursday morning Andrea had a bone marrow biopsy with sedation, so we cooked at her house Valentine's night to avoid busy restaurants. (How romantic, dinner with the parents!) Anyway....Friday morning the spinal tap with methotrexate chemotherapy went well. No headaches so far, only mild nausea. But that can be usually be handled with more frequent smaller meals. This coming Thursday, Andrea will have another MRI of the brain to see what the lesion is doing. (shrinking, of course, but how much???) Y0ur prayers for a quick recovery is so much appreciated.


Anonymous said...


I am so glad that the chemo went well and that it is causing little pain thus far.

Take care and Happy Valentine's!!!

Love ya,
Michelle Meyer

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to send some love your way. Thanks for our card...Ryan and I loved the cute dogs. We think of you guys often and continue to pray for your strength during this time.

Love, Harp

carolyn frazier said...

Hi Sweet Girl,

I'm happy that the spinal tap went well and the side effects weren't too bad. I'm anxious to hear about your MRI. I just hope and pray that the lesion cannot be found anywhere.....that it no longer exists.

While you spent Valentine's Day with your parents, I was spending it with my kids. Oh well....there is always next year.

Love you,