Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MDA day 47

Good things are happening, like seeing Zeus on the outside benches of MDA this past weekend. Oh, relatives were visiting too, which was a great bonus as they could actually talk! But, the visits were good and uplifted our spirits. Andrea also had a "wheelchair fitting" yesterday so she can be more comfortable as she is trying to be more mobile. She is being unhooked from all the meds every day for a few hours so rehab can work with her in their facility at MDA. We are starting talk of "going home" even though no one knows when that will be. A swallow test will be performed tomorrow, so hopefully that will be another step forward in figuring out why this aspiration pneumonia occurred and what can be done about it.
Thank you for your prayers as we remember to pray for you and your families.


Anonymous said...

Kathy, thank you for updating the blog. And yes...THANK YOU GOD for your goodness. Andrea, I am so excited you are feeling better I know it was great to see your dog. As little as he is you could of brought him to your room and no one would of noticed. :) I pray your health continues to improve.

God Bless!

Your Brother is Christ!

Emily said...

Prayers that Andrea can go home SOON!!!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, You, J, and your whole family are always in our prayers. We pray that you will be home soon. Love, Katrina, Kristin and Art

Carolyn Frazier said...

Hi Andrea - it sounds like the news just keeps getting better and better. I am so happy and thankful and grateful to God. I know the next step will be home, and the sooner, the better. Love to you,


Anonymous said...

It always makes me feel better to see my dogs their love is so unconditional. I know you are looking forward to going home. It sounds as though you are improving a lot each day and that will continue. You remain in our prayers and in our hearts. Lots of Love, Aunt Peggy and Uncle Dan