Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prayers to be Strong

Andrea’s lung infection has not gotten better. She has decided not to
go to MD Anderson for physical or occupational therapy since she is
weaker. We continue to pray for strength, mercy and grace. Andrea is
reminded of how many people are praying for her daily and she really appreciates it.
We remember you in our prayers too.


Anonymous said...

Andrea, I am praying for your condition to improve! You are never far away from my prayers.

Your Brother in Christ!

Thailand Tracey said...

Andrea, very sorry to hear this pesky lung infection is hanging on so long... I can only imagine how weary you are. You're always in our prayers ... praying for strength, healing, comfort and peace. Not sure if you know that Sam and I are living in Midland now. We moved here about a week ago for Sam to begin a new job with Kinder Morgan.
Sam and Tracey

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you here in Mississippi sweet girl....Love, Aunt Peggy and Uncle Dan

Anonymous said...

On my knees lifting you up in prayer to our faithful healer, Jesus.
Love, Andrea B.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you.... we know that your body gets weary; and thank God for your incredible mind and faith strength. We're praying for you all.

Love, Tim and Terri

Shelia Calvary said...

Andrea, J & Family

We are praying for improvement. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Our Passion Play is this week, and you are lifted up in prayer by all.

Love You,
Shelia & Jim

Anonymous said...


Happy birthday to the strongest, most beautiful person I know. I continue to pray for you and think about you all the time.

Love you,

Michelle Meyer

Kelly Maeker said...

We are thinking of you every day. I pray that you are able to get rid of this infection and start to feel better soon. Love, Kelly Kievit Maeker

Anonymous said...

It was so good to visit yesterday. Zues is so cute. He tried to bite Danny! Did your mom tell you? Danny didn't even move an inch. He stood his groud. tee hee. I was so happy to see you smile, Andrea. You light up the room, darlin'! See you next week.

Anonymous said...


I hope your birthday was wonderful! I sent a text to your mom's phone yesterday! We love you!

Ryan and Jen Martin

Shelia Calvary said...

I heard your Birthday was celebrated with Chocolate! Betty
told me. I send my prayers and love for all.

Love & Prayer,

Anonymous said...

The Lord is never tired of hearing our voices cry out to Him--and during this time we do cry out to Him to give you peace, comfort and healing. You are never far from our thoughts. Please take comfort in the many prayers of friends and loved ones--including us! Love you all --Gay & Doug Young

Anonymous said...

Our hearts are with you and your beautiful Andrea...we will continue to pray to our mighty and powerful God for strength, comfort and healing....sorry you haven't heard from us...I'm not too computer savvy--Gay taught me how to do this....Love you all, Lawanna

Carolyn said...

Hi Andrea,
Hope you had Happy Birthday. All my prayers are with you for strength and recovery. I want to come out and see you, but I will check with your mom to see when a good time might be.

Love, hugs, prayers all come your way from me and all the Fraziers.

Love, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Andrea, you are in my thoughts and prayers every day. It was so great to visit with you last time I was home. I love you so very much and pray for your strength!!

Love, always and forever

Anonymous said...


I hate that you have to struggle so much with these nasty infections. We are leaving for FL today to visit Scott's family for Easter, but I would love to see you early next week if you feel up to it. I'll call when we get back. Have a happy Easter! I love you!


Anonymous said...

we are praying for your comfort, peace and healing. We are also praying for your caregivers and doctors.
Love, Greg and Sue Barnhill

Anonymous said...

Andrea, Linda & I always have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We lift you up in the Lord and ask His will be done. Love Chris & Linda

Anonymous said...

Lifting all of you up today in prayers. You are on our minds and in our hearts. Have a blessed Easter celebration! What a faithfl Father we have!

Love to you--Doug & Gay

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Andrea and J! Love you both ~ Brian and Dyanna

Erin Kay Rucker said...

Thinking of you all as Easter gets closer. I love you.


Anonymous said...

We are praying for you, J and your families. You are so special to us, and we send you hugs and kisses on this Easter Sunday!
We love you!
Beall and Randy

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Garciahkfx said...

Andrea, We are praying for you, J and your families. You are so special to us, and we send you hugs and kisses on this Easter Sunday! We love you! Beall and Randy