Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thirty Days of Gifts

As Andrea's Mom said in the last post, Andrea will start her thirty day stay at the hospital on May 4th. She will receive four days of chemotherapy followed by a day of rest and then she will receive Kristin's bone marrow. During this time I will be able to see her, but we will have to seriously limit the visitors.

To make her stay more pleasant I thought we could all come together and do something special for her each day. I was thinking we could have a special present for her to open each day of her stay in the hospital. It would be something to look forward to each day and make her day a much brighter one. Like I said her first night at MD Anderson will be the 4th of May so lets start this on the 5th of May. If you are interested in participating, please send a gift to my parent's home in Katy:

Andrea Luthringer
c/o J. Martin
722 Enford Ct.
Katy, TX 77450

I will be sure she has a gift each day to open and enjoy. Please don't send flowers our items that might make her sick. Good ideas are:

-Things to decorate her hospital room
-Pictures of times you shared with her or just a picture of yourself
-VCR tapes/DVD's
-Books on tape
-girlie Magazines (she really likes gossip Hollywood mags)
-Use your imagination and if you have questions email me @ jmartiniv@houston.rr.com

If you are interested in participating please comment on this blog topic so I know an estimate of how many gift I need to buy. Let's make this stay a more enjoyable one and keep the prayers coming her way. Thank you everyone for your support and we will get Andrea through this obstacle.


Jen Harp said...

That is such a wonderful idea!!!! I will send a gift to your parents house this weekend!

Thanks for everything you do! :)

TheTedfords said...

Count me in for a day! I'll drop something in the mail this weekend, but it will probably take a week or two to make it there from overseas. What a fantastic idea!

Krista Tedford

Lara Hendrickson said...

I'll be sending something in the next couple days!

jadyn said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jadyn said...


i will be glad to send something, i just dont know what i will send, i will have to study on it for a day or 2, tell andrea that we wish her good luck with this transplant.


Anonymous said...

J you are so wonderful and I am so glad Andrea has someone special as you in her life. Count me in for a day!

Lindsey Dinges

Anonymous said...


We would love to participate. We will send something soon. It is a wonderful idea. She is so fortunate to have someone like you.

Alice and Art Henderson

Anonymous said...

Count us in! What a great idea...such a blessing to share this journey. Can't wait to celebrate the amazing work God is going to do with this transplant. Our prayers are with you all.
Sam, Tracey, and Vanessa

Perry Cobden said...

That is such a fun idea, & I'll bet that will help pass time a little easier...I will bring one over some time soon :)


Anonymous said...

You know you can count on us I will send something also. Andrea & J our prayers are with you. Love you both... :)

Ms. Kay

Darcie Cobden said...

Yay! I'm so excited about this. I'll get something off in the mail to y'all asap. Talk to you soon J. Send kisses to everyone.

Darcie :)

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic idea! Wes and I will get something in the mail by the end of the week.

Angela Cade

Alex Hall said...

Jay, this is an awesome idea...I mean who doesn't like gifts and Andrea is so fun to buy for! Count me in for a couple. I will try to get them off to you this weekend!!!


Erin Gardner said...

Count me in J. I will get it out this weekend.

Anonymous said...

J. that is a great idea. I'll pick up a few things and get them out to you by Friday. My prayers are with you and Andrea and y'alls families. If you need anything else just tell Christopher and I'll get it done for you. Love to you both.
Mindy McIntosh

Anonymous said...

Yeah! We are so excited. We will definitely be sending a fun package. My mom is in Greece I will also have her bring something very foreign home with her so you can count us in for 2 days at least and I would love to do more if you need extras, like 2 a day or something cheesy like that. Best Wishes and baby cambry sends kisses.
Lane & Garrett Bethke (Perry's Big Sister)

Nancy Neel said...

I will get something together for her, and mail it this weekend!

Terri Reed said...

Count us in! We are following Andrea's progress confidently. You remain in our prayers. Peace & Comfort be with you as you start this next phase Andrea.

Terri & Tim Reed

Anonymous said...

Absolutely count on us. Lindsay(Jarnagin)Farr said that she would like to send something also. This is a wonderful way to show our love and support for Andrea.

Linda and Glenn Jarnagin

Shelia & Jim said...

Count us in. I will get something in the mail! Please know we will be praying.


Peggy Walls said...

J. I will get something in the mail next week. I'll have to do some serious thinking to come up with something really good.
Love Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

We would love to help with this; what a great idea! Will send something soon.

John and Vicki Crum

Anonymous said...

J. I will take care of a gift! And will continue the gift of prayer.

Your Brother in Christ!

Nicole Carman said...

J- Count me in....I will send something to you next week!! You are the best...Keep takign good care of her!! Miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Hi J.,
Scot, Kyle, Katy and I will send a gift this week. What a great idea! We love you & are constantly praying for ya'll. Ann

americangerman said...

It's in the mail

Anonymous said...


Sounds good. I'll put something in the mail this week. We send our prayers.

Justin and Dory Moore

Erin Rucker said...


I'm sending some stuff this week.

Love you...see you soon!


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