Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Still Working On It (Perseverance)

On April 30, the specialist operated on 3 of the 6 left eye muscles to try to eliminate double vision. Andrea's left eye would tend to drift left and he wanted to align it straight to get rid of double vision. She said this last eye surgery is the worst of all eye surgeries to recover from. When she took off her patch, her eye was swollen shut. After a few days when she could open it, the eye was blood red and the conjuctiva (the outer clear layer that protects the eye) was swollen and raised over her iris. Because of this, it felt like there was something foreign in her eye at all times. Now, her eye is feeling better but the redness is still there. Instead of two separate images, now the objects are overlapping each other. The eye tends to look inward now, but by the end of the month at the Grand Rounds again with all the doctors, her surgeon anticipates it will staighten out more. We just pray that the overlapping images will come together competely and that her eyes will align properly.
Again we appreciate your prayers. Words cannot express how much your prayers mean to us.

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