Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Faith is being sure of what we hope for (Heb.11:1)

I am sad to be starting the blog again because it means that the acute myleoid leukemia (AML) is back. The Brain and Spine doctor thought it might be lymphoma from the first signs of the biopsy from Andrea's right callosal lesion (1.2 x .9 x .2 cm) in her brain, but it came back AML after days of breaking it down to identify it.
Wednesday, 10/31/07, Andrea will have a Ommaya Reservoir implanted on the top right side of her head that will transport chemotherapy to the brain. But before she gets any chemo, the doctors will administer radiation at intervals for 3 weeks. Then the chemo to the brain begins. When that is over, Andrea will go back to her original Stem Cell Transplant doctor for what he calls a "boost" bone marrow transplant like she had before just to insure that it is not anywhere else. So far, it has not shown up in her blood or spinal fluid.
We have so many wonderful friends and relatives on both sides of our families who also lift up awesome prayers. We thank you so much.
Love to all,


sarafarris80 said...
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sarafarris80 said...

Andrea and family,

My heart goes out to you. Having gone through two relapses with Clint (the last was in the brain and spinal fluid), I know what a blow it can bring to your spirits...especially when things were so good for so long.

Just know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Don't let this defeat you. Keep on keeping on, and know that you have all of your friends and family and even strangers behind you to carry you when you're down and to walk beside you when you're up.

Please call if you need anything at all. You might also want to ask your doctor about Dr. De Lima's Vidaza trial. It's been great for Clint so far and he's nearly finished.

Hang in there.



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