Monday, May 26, 2008

Better than Last Week

Andrea is feeling better now than she did last week. She received platelets on Friday and they seem to have "stuck with her" through the weekend. She will be having tests this week to determine if the viruses are still lurking and how much additional medicine will be necessary. Without the additional meds, she takes between 25-30 pills a day. So, prayers for her platelets and strength are so much appreciated.


S. Farris said...

Every bit of good news is good to hear. Keep on keeping on. Let me know if you need me to donate platelets.

Anonymous said...

We're still thinking of you here in Mississippi. It will be better soon. Love ya, Peggy

Shelia said...

Great to hear the good news, you are feeling some better. You remain in our prayers daily.

Anonymous said...

Humorously we like to say our favorite Bible verse is , "And it came to pass--" because, aren't we glad it did not "come to stay."??? We are glad each day is better than the one before. We pray the viruses are passing, and that only good health is coming to stay!! We remember you in our prayers to our gracious Lord!! Hang in there! Love, Gay and Doug Young