Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ups and Downs

One day "this" is feeling better, but then "that" is not, then the next day "that" is feeling better but "the other thing" is not. So, "there" is the life of healing day by day, baby step by baby half step. This transplant is especially hard on Andrea, and I am amazed how she is braving through it. The advanced practitioner nurse and her doctor are keeping close tabs on her daily progress as she goes to MDA each day, but that does not ease the pain she goes through. She had to have platelets on Friday and blood infusions on Saturday at MDA.
Just please keep praying because God listens to us and we believe His miracles prevail.
We had a nice Mother's Day at our house and are blessed by our children.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for the update; I think about Andrea's struggle daily. Please call me if you want me to come down there and have my number!

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Kathy, Keep the updates coming. Things will be better soon. We had a good Mother's Day here too.
Andrea, We admire your bravery. We will continue to lift you up in prayer. We think (and talk) about you daily. You are so special.
Love, Peggy

carolyn frazier said...

Hi Andrea,

I am praying that there will soon be more "ups" than "downs". Healing is just one little baby step at a time, and I know that must be hard for a person who loves to do lunges down the hospital hallway. Those will come -- know they will.

You are always in my heart and in my prayers.



Erin Hall said...

Praying for more "ups" Love you Dre.

The Mama said...

I did not realize Andrea was fighting the fight again .. still. I will keep you all in my prayers. I spent a lot of time at MDA with my dad many years ago. If you ever need transportation, company, or anything with which I can help, please let me know. I live about 45 minutes from Katy - on the way to College Station.

Daphne Whitworth

Anonymous said...


I made an appt for 4 p.m. downstairs tomorrow.

Love you,

Shelia Cavlary said...

Hope you are having a better day today. Praying that your baby steps toward healing will get easier.

Love You,

Anonymous said...


Hang in there. I am praying for you to get through the rough part of your transplant. You are so strong and brave.

Love you and take care.

Michelle Meyer

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts are with you, Andrea and J, and your family. Hang in there and things will get better. You are the bravest person we know!

Sandra and Amanda