Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doing Good

This week Andrea's main doctor was pleased that her left arm is less numb than before. He said sometimes with neuro chemo, it goes away completely and other times it does not. Her blood tests showed improvement except with her kidneys. She really needs prayers for her kidneys. They are working about 30-40% capacity. They start dialysis when patients are at about 10% capacity. Andrea is still drinking loads of water a day, and her diet was almost exactly what the kidney doctor wanted her to be eating; however, he said all of us could probably benefit if we cut down on salt intake.
Andrea sees the brain and spine doctor on Monday, but we do not anticipate any more input, so have a Happy Thanksgiving.
We all are so blessed.


Melissa said...

Andrea - Thinking good thoughts for you and hoping that your kidneys start behaving. Have a great Thanksgiving...I'll be thinking of all my family back in Texas.

Much love,


S. Farris said...

Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving at home. Keep us posted on everything. You're in my prayers!

Carolyn Frazier said...

Hi Andrea -- I will be praying for your kidneys. But it sounds like everything else is doing well. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving, and am always looking forward to the next report.

Jessie Dawson said...

Hi Andrea,

I was thinking about you over the holiday and wanted to send you my thoughts and prayers. We all have a lot to be thankful for and I want to send you all my thanks for being such a strong individual. Stay positive and health will follow. Love, Jessie

The Youngs said...

Among our blessings--and they are many for ALL of us--we thank God for Andrea and J, Bob & Kathy, and Kristen and her sweetheart (Can't remember his name, but am sure he is loved!) You are wonderful examples of faithfulness, peace, and love. We continue to remember you, Andrea, in our prayers that God will bless you with complete healing. Have a healthy and fun Christmas holiday. And a Merry , Merry Christmas to you all!! Love you, Doug & Gay Young