Monday, January 29, 2007

The cloud is lifting

This is the 6th day after surgery and Andrea told the doctor that the cloud now looks more like a haze that she is seeing through. After his usual thorough examination, he noticed that she was reading the letters that she could see faster than before. That is a good indication that the membrane peel took away some of the blank spots she was experiencing before. It is still going to take time for the rest of the steroid to absorb, swelling to go down and the retina to settle. She sees the doctor again in 10 days. In the meantime, she is going to Physical Therapy at M.D. Anderson to strenghten her back and feet. It is unreal how much the body can get de-conditioned in 61 days and how long it takes to try to regain strength.
Thank you for continuing to check the blog and pray for Andrea's sight. It means so much to her and all of us. We continue to pray for you too.
Love to all,


jadyn said...


we hope you are seeing alot better now, we hope this is one of the last hurdles you have to go through.

we love you
jadyn, jena, chasity and jason calvary

Carolyn Frazier said...

I am so glad to hear the positive news about the eye. I think about you all the time and pray for continuing healing.


Sara Farris said...

Still checking in on y'all. If you ever have some downtime at M. D. Anderson, give me a call and I'll come see you. In the meantime, we'll just keep praying for Andrea's eyes to fully recover.

Sara Farris said...

Hey y'all,

After posting my comment, I read an article in the NY Times on the unique challenges young adults face with cancer. This is an area we are addressing more strongly in the Children's Cancer Hospital at M. D. Anderson. Anyway, there was a great site they referred to for young adults with cancer. You may want to check it out: I thought it had some great resources.

Peggy Walls said...

Andrea, We continue to think of you here. Stay sweet and strong and it will be better soon.
Love, Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Andrea!
Love, mByr

Monty and Angie Lindloff said...

Dearest Andrea, I think I may have finally found a way to send a message. We have kept you in our thoughts and prayers and are so happy to hear the good progress that continues. WE LOVE YOU!!

Monty and Angie Lindloff

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I am still praying for you and your complete healing.

Your Brother in Christ!

Jodi Petersen said...

Andrea, We continue to think of you here. Stay sweet and strong and it will be better soon. Love, Aunt Peggy