Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One step back but hopefully more than 100 forward

Since it had been less than a week at St. Luke's for Andrea's left eye cataract surgery, she had to bandage up her left eye. Then after surgery for her right eye Tuesday, she was a 'sight to be seen'! Everything is blurry for her now since it took the doctor nearly 2 hours to peel off scar tissue and put in a steroid injection to try to minimize swelling that has persisted for a year. He said it would be a week for the steroid to absorb and even longer for the retina to settle down. Nonetheless, we are prayful and hopeful. We take tasks day by day, and Andrea has a great attitude attempting to deal with everything. It is a great comfort to know you are praying. Thank you!
She sees the doctor Monday for an interim assessment.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so brave and are admired by so many. Stay strong and please dont forget that we are thinking about you everyday and praying for you.

Anonymous said...

We are always checking the blogspot to get an update for our prayer warriors here. We continue to praise God and be amazed at His incredible blessings. You are a wonderful testimony to His great faithfulness!! We love you and your whole family and continue to lift you up in prayer. May the coming days bring blessing after blessing. Love, Doug and Gay Young

Peggy Walls said...

I know you will do great. We expect nothing less from you. We received the card from you this week reminding us of your wedding date. Dan put it on the refrigerator. We will see you in July if not sooner. We continue to pray for you.We Love Ya Lots. J.'s Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea, you have come so far. There are bound to be a few set backs and frustrations, but you have shown amazing grace under all the circumstances that have come your way. You are a very strong young lady and you are constantly proving how strong you are time and again. We keep you in our prayers always.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Andrea, I forgot to put our name on the blog. Hang in there! So many good things are coming your way!!

Sandra and Amanda Bishop