Sunday, April 27, 2008

The good news and the bad news

I really hestitate to post good news because of so many other things going on. But.....
There really is good news, like Andrea making her own plateltets now, (and thank you to all those who contributed, because of privacy laws we do not know exactly whose platelets she got, but she got a real boost from some of you who I KNOW were in there on particular days....). Andrea is above 100 platelets and has been making her own for the last couple of days now, which Great News. (140 platelets is normal, so she still has a few more to go on her own.)
Her bone marrow biopsy also came back very encouraging with all donor cells in 40 percent of bone marrow. (Yeah!)
But, she is having difficulty in some other areas she did not have during the last transplant process. Some irritations and viruses are popping up that are causing havoc, so she continues to really need prayers for comfort and healing. The itchiness, burning or sleeplessness is awful. Any and all of these are "normal" for stem cell transplant patients, but that does not really help when there is no real relief other than "time".
We do thank you for each and every prayer.


Emily said...

We continue to life Andrea up, specifically by name, everyday in prayers.

Erin Hall said...

Continuing to pray for you! Love you Dre and keep up your spirit.

carolyn frazier said...

Dear Andre,

I'm elated about the good news!!!! The not-so-good news I am praying will be right back up there with the good news. But normal is ggod.

Frosty and I are in Paris but I am still keeping up with you. I will go to Notre Dam de Paris and light lots of candles this week.

Keep up the good progress.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Great News!!

We continue to pray for you daily and hope the virus improves quickly so you can be up and about more. We Love You... Tell J that Jason killed a turkey this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, Keep up the good work. We are still remembering you each day.
Kathy, Keep posting the news, I love hearing from you.
Love, Peggy

Meredith Matheson Thoms said...

I've just discovered your blog (I guess this branch of the family grapevine is a bit slow!), and we're so happy to hear about your progress. Know that we'll be praying for more good news to come.
- Meredith (Matheson) Thoms