Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Month Down

Today is April 17, and Andrea received the stem cell transplant on St, Patrick's Day, March 17. One month down, and she feels awful in many ways but the doctor and nurses say that she is doing Good. But, then they want to know how, when and where the yuckiness is and how bad, so they can determine how they can help. This is the ritual for the next two and a half months which make up the 100 days release time out of the hospital, which was April 1. No fooling. Last time I counted, Andrea was taking 24 pills a day, which did not account for the IV fluids she is hooked up to. They are talking about sending Andrea home Friday with a backpack of fluids with a pump to sustain her so she will not have to tumble out of bed Saturday morning to come to the hospital. We'll see....
So, please keep praying, as we do believe in the power of God over all.
We send love to all who keep reading this blog and keeping positive thoughts coming our way.


Jessica Rosen said...

Love to you, Andrea. Stay strong - we continue to keep you in our hearts and in our prayers. Many, many people are praying for you -- all over the country!
Lots of love and best wishes,
Jessica (LeDoux) Rosen

Anonymous said...

You are always in our prayers, Andrea. Stay strong!!

Justin & Courtney Robertson

Mike Duhon said...

I have been keeping up with you through J and the Martin's. We will continue to pray for you, I know you are on the way to a complete recovery! You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you, or hears about your courageous will to conquer whatever obstacle that presents itself! We Love You, and look forward to many great days on Canyon Lake real soon!

S. Farris said...

Thanks for the updates. One day at a time. It will be over before the hot weather leaves. Hang in there my friends and let me know if there's anything I can do. Hope that send you home with the pump this weekend.

Hugs and prayers,


Anonymous said...

One month behind you...I know the second time around is difficult, we are praying daily for your strength and comfort. We Love You and Hope to see you soon.
Shelia & Jim

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea!

I am praying God's special blessings for YOU! I hope that your today (Saturday)is just as beautiful as it is here in South Texas today and that the beauty of the day may hold healing strength, renewal, and encouragement for you and yours! My hope is that your discomforts will be diminished by His beauty of the day.
Love to all of you,