Monday, April 14, 2008

Rough Week

We haven't posted any progress because it really has been much of the same pains and all the strength Andrea can pull together to get up each morning and go to MDA for the whole day receiving the meds and fluids she needs.
But, Sunday night she had a major rash outbreak from her ankles to the back of her ears. Her main Stem Cell Transplant doctor made a special visit during his regular clinic lunch hour to the special MDA unit Andrea goes to each day to verify that he thinks it is the "graft versus host" syndrome that transplant patients need in order for the transplant to work. It causes extreme itching which they can try to control with medication. They also took a biopsy of her skin which will help confirm it is "graft versus host". We are just hoping that this, too, will pass with the best results possible and total healing.
We continue to keep Andrea updated on your prayers and comments. They are such a comfort.


Anonymous said...

I check your blog daily and have been wondering about your progress. I'm sorry you have the rash and the itching that goes with it, but this to shall pass with time. All of our friends ask about you regularly and keep you in their prayers. You are such a special young lady. Lots of Love, Peggy and Dan

Anonymous said...

Sweet Andrea: We don''t think of all of this as a test of your faith---more like an exam!!! Wow! Rashes are no fun and we certainly will be praying the meds, doctors, and the God above all and faithful to all will hear our pleas and give you relief. We continually check your blog to see how we might be praying for you. Remember several "old timers" here in San Antonio surely love you and pray for you!!! You are special to us! Much love and hugs, Doug and Gay

carolyn frazier said...

Dear Andrea,
I pray for better days ahead for you, and know that they will be coming. You're in the best of places -- MD Anderson and God's hands.
Love, Carolyn

Emily said...

We continue to name Andrea specifically in our prayers daily.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the uncomfortable rash; but, my prayer is that it means everything is progressing as planned--We Love You!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea, I was just thinking about you and it sounds, all things considered, that you are doing okay. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!! Love you, Jessie Dawson

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Andrea!
I am praying for you and your great team of doctors as you go through this temporary yet challenging rash and pain process to healing.You are with me in my thoughts and prayers and my hope holds for each day to quickly become a better day than the day before, in His name.
Love, mByr

Erin Hall said...

Keep being strong Dre. I Love you