Saturday, February 11, 2006

Going to the Ranch 2-11-06

This week was full of more doctors appointments and Andrea's condition is being tested. My Mom bought an elliptical machine and she was able to stay on it for 45 seconds! She is beginning to walk to more of her appointments without the aid of the wheelchair. Everyday we have been taking walks down the street and we lengthen them each time.

The cardiogram done on Tuesday looked good, but she struggled a little bit with the lung test on Thursday. This is due to her cough which is slowly getting better since the doctor prescribed her new antibiotics. The blood tests this week are looking better and better. Her calcium levels still look good and the deposits on her hand and arm are going away. The liver numbers are down again and almost normal. At one time her liver numbers were nearly 30 times what is normal. Her white blood count is normal and indicates that her body is not fighting any sort of infection. Andrea's eye sight is still very limited, but we are keeping the faith that over time she will gain more and more sight. Earlier this week she found a magnifying glass that helps her see. She was able to see detail for the first time since November. She could actually see my face.

Tomorrow we are going to get Andrea out of the house for a full night. We are planning to take a short trip to my parent's ranch in Wharton, TX. It is probably going to be really cold, but I still plan on doing a little fishing. This will be good chance for us to relax in a different setting with several friends. Andrea and I send everyone love and appreciate all the cards, gifts, and comments on this blog. God Bless and good night.


Kevin and Mary Frances said...

Good MOrning,
We have been out of town all week. It is great to get back and see such a good report. You all continue in our prayers. Where are Bob and Kathy staying? We would love to get a hold of them! Keep up the great blogs and of course keep the faith!
Kevin and Mary Frances

Shelia Calvary said...

Andrea & J
I am so glad Andrea that you could "see" J's face!!! Praise God!

What a victory to celebrate!

Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

I am so excited you keep improving. I will be back in the states on March 2. I have been gone for a few months now and it has been driving me crazy to not have communication with you. I cant wait to see you and you are always in my prayers. Oh yeah...I have my jeanie wig you can borrow if you dont find one you like. I know it is blonde but it looked great on my when I was you know where. JK Miss you!
Lindsey Dinges

Gina Hail said...


Everytime I check your progress on this website you are getting better! You are amazing and I admire your courage and strength! J is your angel...he loves you so much, no doubt! Together ya'll are going to get through all of this. I think of you daily friend. Keep fighting!

Gina Hail

Anonymous said...

Andrea & Jay,
I just wanted to say thanks again for this weekend. I had a great time. Please let me return the favor (when ever possible).Andrea it was so wonderful to see you smile again. I will keep praying for the complete return of your eyesight & overall health. You are such a special person, and a great friend.


David Michael said...

There is nothing like the smell of fresh country air in the morning! Thank you so much for keeping faithful to the blog. It is exciting to read each day what God is doing in your lives.

Peace and Love

Shelia Calvary said...

J and Andrea:
I hope you had a wonderful weekend at the ranch. It showed here and was beautiful. I am back in school, on-line, and it keeps me busy. I hope to finish this MBA soon!!! Just an update on Michael Wigington: He scored 34 points this week against Corinth.
J I hope you were able to fish some, but I know it must have been cold there too.
Have a great week, and know that I am praying for both of you!!
Love & Continued Prayers.

Blessed & Thankful,