Friday, February 03, 2006


Today Andrea went with Krista and her mother to start looking at wigs, she wants to play around with colors but let's just say she's not a blonde! After that she had a doctor's appointment at MD Anderson to check out the calcium deposits on her hands and arms. The doctor was not absolotuly positive on how to get rid of it & wanted to run more tests before he could prescribe medication. She found out from xrays this week she has broken 2 of her ribs from coughing. Tonight she is having friends stay over and plans on spending the rest of the weekend shopping for wigs and gaining more strength. Love, Hugs, & Prayers.


Anonymous said...

Good luck finding a wig, I think a cute cap or a doo rag would be real cute!!! When you are naturally pretty anyway hair is just cosmetic. Good luck.....and lots of love.
Aunt Peggy

Janet Holley said...

Bobby found loosing his hair very upsetting. But he really enjoyed not have to wash hair or getting a hair cut. He went over a year without a hair cut. But it is a lot more difficult for women. He just wore a cap. Thank goodness slick heads were in and still are. Good luck and I agree with mom, She is already naturally beautiful and no hair want change that.

Michelle Meyer said...

Hi Andrea,

You are absolutely gorgeous and nothing will change that. However, it is every girls dream to try a new hair color. I am thinking of trying red myself:) I am so glad that you are in remission and I know that in no time will be back to your normal routine. I miss you and I hope to see you soon.

Love ya...

Allen Sanders said...


All of us at Associated Mortgage have been following your progress and we are all there for you! Take care and keep getting better!

Allen Sanders

Barbara Estes said...

Hey Andrea!
What a champion you are to all of us! We continue to lift you up for continued strength and healing. Have fun shopping, I know you are enjoying being out! We love you!
Barbara and John

jadyn said...

andrea we are thankful that you are doing better, we hope that you are having a wonderful day. get to feeling better. jason, jadyn, chasity

j there only two words you need to know. (roll tide)

Richard Hung, MD FACS said...

It's good to see that you are doing very well out of the hospital. You have come a long way and I am sure that God will continue to Bless you and your family.

Stay strong in Jesus,
Richard Hung, MD FACS

Anonymous said...

how fun-ask andrea if she can try as many different styles colors one day with a digital camera. and if she cant decide i think this wonderful large group would be more than happy to help. my silly mind hasnt changed since HS obviously. i am so happy to know about the difference each day is making in Andrea's life. She is so loved and dear for anyone to know, i continue to pray for you J,your families and her undeniable strength to keep growing each new day. so much love and God bless, Bethiek