Sunday, December 23, 2007

Day by day

A spinal tap gives horrible headaches and immobilizes a person for days, but the chemo on top of that is almost unbearable. Andrea has fevers, chills, and even them both together. She was able to hold her head up today without having excruciating pain from her head and spine, so there is improvement. She still needs your prayers desperately to get through this.
We find hope and encouragement in knowing that you are praying.


andrew said...

I have been keeping up with your blog and praying for you constantly. Last month another one of my friends was diagnosed with cancer. At that time her and her family were terrified. When I told her all about you, and what you have overcome, she started to cry. Not because she was sad,but because she now knows anything is possible. You are a living miracle, and have had such a possitive affect on peoples lives(even on people you have never met) I look forward to talking to you when you feel better. But until then you will be in my prayers.

carolyn frazier said...

Hi Andrea --
I'm so sorry about the pain, but so glad that you were able to sit up for awhile without pain. I heard this saying the other day, and maybe it is corny, but I'll repeat it anyway (it was from a colon cancer surviver):

Inch by inch life is a synch; yard by yard life is hard.

So it's the little things that get us through, and then all of a sudden we realize, we have gotten through a big thing.

Love and hugs and kisses,

Carolyn (and all of the Fraziers)