Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lots of doctors

Monday's tests showed that Andrea's adrenaline gland is still working which means the EXTREME fatigue is from side effects of radiation. Thank goodness the radiation has not ruined the glands, but she is still struggling to keep down food, have an appetite or energy.
The neuro oncologist wants to proceed with chemo in the spine tomorrow (Wed). He added two medicines to try to help Andera's energy, but the first one she took gave her a headache. Lots of help, huh?
Please keep her in your prayers as we are trying to find a balancing act with all her medicines, and attempting chemo one more time which has side effects that include headache, stiff neck and back. If this chemo is successful, she will have it administered once every 2 weeks 3 times, then once a month 3 times. Probably a total of 4 1/2 months of chemo, if this plan is followed.


Liz Deering said...

Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Stay strong; you are an amazing woman! I don't know if you still need people to donate blood and/or platelets for you, but I am here and willing to do whatever I can to help.
Pi Phi Love and Mine,
Liz Deering

Anonymous said...

We are still lifting up daily prayers for health, energy, and joy in the moments!! We want you to know of our great love for your entire family. As Christmas day draws near, we pray for a wonderful gift of pain relief, a rise in energy, and complete healing. Many hugs and prayers!!! Gay & Doug

Peggy Walls said...

Kathy,Keep the messages coming and know you are remembered too.

Andrea and J., We talk about you each day with our friends and family. We pray for strength. Things will be better soon.
Love, Aunt Peggy

carolyn frazier said...

You are near and dear to my heart and in my prayers. You are going through a lot and I pray for your strength and healing everyday. You are one strong young woman to endure everything you have been through. Keep up the fight while we all keep up the prayers.

Katie Cow said...

Hi pretty girl! I love you and I hope to see you soon!!