Friday, April 17, 2009

Closer, but not there yet

Andrea is getting stronger and we all keep talking about going home, but in the wee hours of Friday morning her JG feeding tube clogged. They put meat tenderizer in it to clear it, but it did not clear. As of Friday afternoon, she is still on the waiting docket for Interventional Radiology to do something about it. Urrrrr. We are so encouraged by your prayers, and it has been very routine for us to pray for you all daily, too. Oh yes, those dogs do keep us laughing, don't they!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are gaining strength. I know you are looking forward to going home soon. We think of you daily. Lots of Love from Mississippi, Aunt Peggy and Uncle Dan.

Carolyn said...

Hi Andrea -- "closer" is good. I know it must be frustrating. I was having my hair cut yesterday and the hair dresser reminded me of the time my hair was soooo much thinner when I was having chemo, and it was like I had totally forgotten about it. That was a nice feeling, and I pray for you that one day you will have to remind yourself of all of this.
All my thoughts, prayers, and love,