Friday, April 03, 2009

MDA day 57

My, how time passes quickly even when it is not so fun. We are constantly busy trying to piece the puzzle together on how to help Andrea get better and go home. She started exercises to make the muscles in her throat stronger so she can swallow properly again. The headaches keep popping up which make it hard to work out in physical therapy as hard as she would like to. The kidney doctor today said he thought the high blood pressure may have to do with the kidneys, so we will be looking at an ultrasound and maybe a biopsy this coming week.
On a sadder note she will be missing Chris and Alicia's wedding which she wanted - oh so much - to go to. She sent hugs via J. since he is in the wedding.
Please continue to pray for the neurological condition to improve, as we feel like that is the biggest hurdle. We continue to pray for all of you dear friends and family too.


Thailand Tracey said...

So hard not to be where your heart is...I'm sorry. Sending hugs and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your card,I can only thank you guys in the mist of your own struggles to think of me and my family. Andrea, I pray you can feel us pulling for you. Giving you and Jay strength in pray and thought and deed. It was good for us to meet. I so want to come again just to pull and pray for you. GET BETTER!!! AMEN
Chris Pfeiffer

Carolyn said...

Hi Andrea, thinking about you always, and praying for some big progress for you this week, even in the form of baby steps. Hope you get better and stronger as the week goes by.

Love, Carolyn