Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kidney Biopsy

Andrea had a kidney biopsy today and she could not stay on her "getting well" routine of physical therapy and exercises for now. We will not know the results of the biopsy until Tuesday, but they are suspecting the kidney to be the one not functioning up to par and causing the high blood pressure. Based on the findings, they will adjust treatment one way or the other. Please continue to pray for the neurological condition to improve, as it slowly has. Prayers work! We also pray for you and your household.


Anonymous said...

We will pray for her continued improvment and the results of the Kidney biopsy results to be the results that you are looking for!! Love you all Chris & Linda Pfeiffer

S. Farris said...

Hey Andrea. I'm glad I got to see you and J. today. I'm glad you got a reprieve from the hospital room today, even if for a little bit. Hope you get to go home soon!

Lots of prayers,


Anonymous said...

Andrea, as we celebrate Easter the proof of God's Love for us... He still Loves us today as the day he sent His only Son to die for our sins. I pray you draw strength from His Love and I pray for your health to improve.

God Bless you and your family!!

Your Brother in Christ!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I am praying for the neurological improvement you need in order to feel better at this time. I know the steps seem slow, but steps are great news! You will be back to your exercises soon. My love to you and all of your family, mByr

Veronica Daniels said...

Happy Easter Girl!!! I love and miss you and pray for you always!

Love you! Roni

Anonymous said...


You are in our prayers this Easter Sunday. Hope your kidney biopsy results are good (not sure if you've gotten them yet). Hang in there. Love - Katrina, Matt, Art,Kristin & Dave

carolyn said...

Hi Andrea -- I'm anxious to hear the kidney biopsy results. I know you are in good hands, and that they will be able to do whatever they need to get you back on the road to recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily.
Love, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Definitely still remembering you in our daily prayers.......I hope the Easter bunny came to visit!

Eileen and Bill