Monday, November 12, 2007

Back on Track

This is Andrea writing today-- giving poor, tired Kathy a break! I am happy to say that I was able to avoid another brain surgery today! Dr. Conrad has the magic touch and was able to administer the chemo in my port (in my head). My blood ventricles in the brain are still small, making it difficult but we can at least still go through the Ommya instead of the spine. I can't tell you how much of a relief this was. It's not a comforting feeling when everyone in pre-op knows your name...that means you are having too much surgery!!! I wanted to post J.'s and my wedding picture so that everyone knows things haven't been all bad since we quit posting blogs in June. I was able to finally marry J. this summer and that was a truly memorable experience. J. is a gift from God that I will forever be grateful for. He has been a rock by my side and a huge encouragement. I'm not going to lie, physically this time around is better, but not necessarily emotionally. There is this indescribable fear when you get diagnosed with cancer for the second time that you will never be able to be rid of this horrible disease. J. and our families have been so good with helping me cope...and prayer of course. Thanks for all of your prayers. love, Andrea


Kerri Schaefer said...

Andrea you are a beauty to behold. You are strong through Christ who strengthens you. With J. by your side you can do all things! It is amazing how God provides small blessings that make our life so much better!

We are praying for you!

When our son Malachi woke up in recovery after each of his surgeries(he had AML), he was provided two popcilces and a Sprite. One mother whose child was getting ear tubes asked how Malachi got such special treatments. I casually said he has been in the recovery room once a week if not more times a week for the last three months. She quitely asked why and I told her he had cancer. The nurses all laughed and told the mother he was their shining light for the week! If they ddi not see Malachi they had to go find him because they missed him so much!

You are there in recovery so much because you are shining Christ's light for someone who needs to see it! Keep plugging along and never loose your faith!

Friends of Justin Robertson,
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Erin Hall said...

I love you Andrea and I am continuing to pray for you

Anonymous said...


We are so happy that you did not have to go through the surgery again. Thank you for the beautiful picture. You are truly a wonderful inspiration to us all. We will continue to pray for you.

Alice and Art

Anonymous said...

Yea, yea, yea!!! SO glad to hear they got the chemo through without another surgery. Another day down! LOVE Ya!

Shanna & Scott

Anonymous said...

I don't know what else to say other than I LOVE YOU!!!

I thank God every day for placing that "Martin boy" in your life. Andrea, what a great photo; you are so beautiful! But most important is that your inside has always been even more radiant than your outward appearance.

Love to you and your family,

Jen Harp

Erin Rucker said...

Obviously you know I love you...but I just heard this, and it made me think about all of us lately:

"When the world says, 'Give up'. God whispers, 'Try one more time'."

Keep trying my best friend. I know I'm going to. I love you so much.

carolyn frazier said...

Dear Andrea,

I love the picture. It brings back so many memories of your special day.

That second diagnosis is scary. I know it is, but I also know there are happy, successful outcomes to the second one.

Keep up that mighty, fighting spirit that you have shown throughout your entire life.

I am so glad they did not have to do the second procedure. A day without "brain surgery" has to be a good one.

Love, Carolyn